Saturday, June 8, 2013

Laser Maze - A Laser Bending Logic Game From @ThinkFun #HomeSchool #FathersDay

Laser Maze Box ArtLaser Maze - A Fun Logic Game
  • Bend the Laser Light to Reach the Target(s) Indicated on the Game Card
  • Includes a Game Grid, Instructions, 60 Challenge Cards, and 11 Game Tokens 
  • Tokens: 1 Laser, 2 Beam-Splitters, 1 Cell Blocker, 1 Mirror, 5 Target/Mirror, 1 Checkpoint
  • Challenge Cards Increase in Difficulty as They Progress 
  • Designed for a Single Player, but Collaboration is Possible
  • Suitable for Ages 8 - Adult
  • Suggested Retail Price is $29.99
  • Available for Purchase From ThinkFun
  • ThinkFun is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google + 
Laser Maze
We have been playing Laser Maze for a little over a week now, and really love it!  It is fun, and it can be challenging, and it even has a laser beam which sings to the inner geek in all of us.

To play the game, we start by choosing one of the sixty challenge cards.  They become incrementally more difficult, so card number one is the easiest, and card number sixty made us sweat a little bit.

There is a solution on the back, so if we could not figure a puzzle out, we would use the solution to learn more about the patterning.  That built up our skills for the harder challenges ahead.

The top of the card shows the token pieces that will be required to and then we had to figure out how to place them so that the laser beam hit the target - and later on, the targets.  (yes, plural!)  There are some hints for token placement to get started, and then it is a combination of logic and trial and error to get the rest into their proper places.

The tokens include a laser, two beam splitters, a cell blocker, a mirror, five targets with mirrors, and a checkpoint.

There are educational benefits to playing Laser Maze.  It requires logical thinking, improves sequential reasoning, and helps to develop good planning skills.

Here is the first card in the deck played out.  As you can see, the card shows where to place the laser and the target.  On the top of the card is shows that one additional piece is needed, the mirror.  Notice in the second photo it has been placed it on the grid so that the beam hits it and redirects to the target which is lit up.

Laser Maze - Easy
The next puzzle is from the Intermediate level.  The number two indicates that it will have two lit targets when completed.

Laser Maze - Intermediate
On the setup portion of the card it shows placement of tokens, but the question marks and the arrows indicate that they are only showing which type of token will be in these spots, and the player has to figure out the proper positioning and add the laser.

The grid is quite a bit different at the start than what it is when it is properly completed.  Lo and behold, two targets are lit up, but it took quite a bit of laser beam bouncing.

Below is the hardest card in the deck - Level Expert.  Three targets will be lit when solved.

Laser Maze - Expert
The card shows six tokens placed and five more that need to be added.  You can also see that the solution appears to be rather complex - but - by the time you have worked through the deck, you are far more comfortable with placing mirrors and redirecting the light.

The key is to focus on the red spots which indicate where the target lights are to be lit.

I think this game is a great addition to our homeschool - it is also a fun idea for a Father's Day present if you have a brainy dad.

ThinkFun has a wonderful webstore with so many learning games, and they offer free shipping on all US. (for orders over $25)  If you use the social media links I have provided in the bullet points, you can keep up with all of their news, sales, and new releases, too.

If you love bargains, there is a ThinkFun Outlet page, too.

If you have children on the Spectrum, you might also be interested in checking out the ThinkFun Asperkids Collection. Working together with Asperkids, LLC they are working on a collection of their games that really work well for kids with our kids.

The website says:
Every item you see has been chosen by internationally award-winning author (teacher, and Mom), Jennifer O'Toole, because: it builds flexible thinking, communication, memory, attention...and never let's up on the fun. That's the relentless positivity of Asperkids, and the play power of ThinkFun - now and always, igniting the awesomeness in ALL kids.
I take any opportunity I can to make learning fun.  ThinkFun helps to make that easier!signature