Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Prevent Tragic Backover Accidents With @BackUpBetter Products (Includes Give Away)

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Back Up Better Products are Easy to Use and Affordable 
  • Children are the Victims of Back Over Accidents an Average of Fifty Times Each Week
  • The Driver is Often a Parent. Relative, or Friend
  • Our Larger Cars Make it Difficult to See Small People Behind our Vehicles
  • Back up Better Rear Window Lenses Significantly Increase Visibility
  • Available in Two Sizes to Provide the Best View for Different Vehicle Types
  • Retail Price: $14.99 for the 8x10 Lens, $23.99 for the 11x14 Lens (US Dollars)
  • Visit the Website at www.backupbetter.com to Learn More or to Purchase
  • Become a Fan of the Facebook Page or Follow on Twitter (@BackUpBetter)

Back Up Better
Warm weather has finally arrived in the NorthEast, and the neighborhood children have been out on their skateboards, bikes, and scooters.  Games of basketball, football and Frisbee are taking place up and down our street.

This is a time to be extra vigilant since most of the kids use the driveways for their toys with wheels.

Here is my son on his recumbent bike.  It rides very low to the ground and is absolutely invisible to a driver of a minivan, SUV, or even most sedans.

Blind SpotThe infographic below shows the benefits of the Back Up Better Rearview Lenses.  Can you see the improved field of vision that having one of these lenses provides?

Back Up Better
For less than $25 anyone can have the peace of mind that these products provide.

In addition to the rear view lenses, there are also add on blind spot mirrors and back up alarms available.  I would encourage you to visit the website that is linked above to learn more about Back up Better.  While you are checking out the site, be sure to read some of the startling articles and the glowing testimonials, too.

You can also see my more detailed review that I wrote last September when I was sent some Back up Better products to review.

I am glad for the opportunity to offer another giveaway for a Rear Window Lens to one lucky reader.  If you would like to try your luck, please use the Rafflecopter form below.  Five readers will win!

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the fine print
Good Luck!
I was sent some Back up Better products for review last September.  This is a follow up post.  I am not affiliated with the company, was not compensated and did not receive any additional materials in exchange for this post.