Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The ArtSee Studio by WowWee - Draw, Paint, and Animate!

Artsee-Email-Header-Image_zps241c6f2eWowWee Lets Kids Draw Paint and Animate With the ArtSee Studio
  • Works With an iPad and a Free Downloadable App
  • Kids Choose Themes and Special Effects
  • Special Stampers Add Extra Fun, and Even Animation!
  • Protective Case Keeps Your Tablet Safe
  • Great For Ages 5 and Up 
  • Suggested Retail Price $39.99
  • Learn More or Purchase From the WowWee Web Page
  • Check Out the ArtSee Facebook Page, Pinterest Account, and Twitter Feed
WowWee Art See
This is the The ArtSee Studio by WowWee.  It is a sturdy plastric case that will house an iPad.  It also comes with a special stylus pen and several stampers that provide special effects.

To get started, download the WowWee ArtSee App onto your iPad.  Then, you will need to remove the studio from the packaging, and open the case as you see below.  The iPad slides into place then closes to keep the tablet secure.

The ArtSee Studio by WowWee
Once you have your tablet in place, open the app and choose which activity to enjoy,  Draw and create original art, play games, use the coloring pages, or view the gallery.

The games use the concepts of symmetry, matching, sound and memory to help enhance learning as well as drawing skills.

The ArtSee Studio by WowWee
Visit the WowWee website for "tours" of the different interactive features that the ArtSee Studio offers.  The links will help to explain the interface, the tools, the games and the ways that you can share with email or social networks.

In the picture below you can see some multicolored writing done with the stylus.  Notice the choices of pen tips, and even an eraser.  You will also see some characters that were "stamped" onto the screen using the jungle theme and the underwater theme.  The red tool in the picture is causing the zebra to do an animated dance.

The ArtSee Studio by WowWee
Once you have a masterpiece, save it or share it.

There are also some parent options that can be seen here:

The ArtSee Studio by WowWee
As you can see, the ArtSee Studio is versatile, fun, and allows children to have a lot of fun.  Parents can feel good because the activities are designed to help children use and develop learning and creative skills.