Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Nick Shop has a Great Selection of #TMNT Legos

TMNT at Nick Shop
TMNT Legos at The Nick Shop

If you or your kids love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles you'll love the great selection of toys, games, clothes and accessories at the Nick Shop.

They even have a great selection of Lego Kits, as you can see in the photo below.

TMNT Lego Kits at NickShop
 We had the opportunity to build the LEGO Ninja Turtles Kraang Lab Escape.

This kit has 90 pieces and is great for kids ages 5-12.  It was a medium difficulty build which took just under an hour to complete.

TMNT LegoHere are all of the completed pieces.  There is a laser shield prison that has a push down explosion function, and that creepy looking thing is Kraang's mech walker with handy flick missiles.

TMNT Lego Minifigs
Everyone loves the minifigs, and these are great, aren't they?  Michelangelo has his nun-chucks, and of course, there is also a pizza - perfect for flinging!  The foot soldier has a mace.

TMNT LegoHere is the website description:
Give the villains the slip with a hot slice of turtle power. The Kraang has Michelangelo locked tight in a laser-shield prison inside his lab. Use Michelangelo's leftover pizza to turn a sticky situation into a slick escape. Slide the pizza through the prison bars to make the Foot Soldier slip and fall. Then activate the explosion function on Michelangelo's cage to escape. Once he's free, battle The Kraang in his awesome mech walker with dual laser flick missiles. Be ready for a wild ride through the city sewers when The Kraang detaches the mech walker's legs to create a flying escape pod. Don't let him get away.
Find these Legos and lots of other great TMNT gear at the Nick Shop.