Friday, June 14, 2013

The #TalkingFriends are Celebrating a Billion Downloads!

Talking Friends Logo

Today is a big day for the Talking Friends and Outfit7!  These fun and fuzzy pals are celebrating the fact that their have now been more than one BILLION Talking Friends app downloads as of today.

Talking Tom and his friends are very excited to be app billionaires, and know that there is even more fun in store for the future.

Speaking of fun, here is a cute infographic with some facts that might bring some smiles:

If you are not familiar with them, Talking Friends is a popular webshow by Disney.  Kids can watch from the Disney website or the The Disney Shows YouTube channel.  They will be entertained by Talking Tom Cat, Angela, Ben the Dog, Larry the Bird, Gina the Giraffe, Pierre Parrot, Lila the Fairy, Harry the Hedgehog, Baby Hippo, and even Santa!

Talking Tom has a Facebook fan page at  You can also find some of the other friends on social media, too.
The Talking Friends

There is plenty more great Talking Friends goodnes to come, so be on the lookout for new apps, episodes, toys, and accessories.  There may even be some live events for the fans to enjoy.


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