Monday, June 10, 2013

Think and Believe - A Solid Case For the Catholic Church - @CatholicCompany

Think and Believe by Frederick W. Marks
Think and Believe - In Defense of the Catholic Church
  • Written by Frederick W. Marks Ph.D.
  • Published by Emmaus Road
  • Released November, 2012
  • Paperback - 242 Pages - English Language
  • Suggested Retail Price - $15.95
  • Available From the Catholic Company
I found Think and Believe to be an extremely useful book for Catholics, or for anyone who has the questions (or misconceptions) about the Catholic faith.  Frederick W. Marks does a wonderful job as he writes this well cited and easy to follow paperback about the Church.  It is filled with good and useful information.

I have found that many people who are around my age - especially the ones who may have been poorly catechized- left the pews and are finding themselves being drawn back.  They want to participate fully and they have many of the same issues.  They want to know what they weren't taught growing up, and they aren't sure how to respond to anti-Catholic friends.

There is help here - especially for anyone who has been put in a defensive position when faced with questions and stereotypical misconceptions. The author sets up a foundation by making a case for God and builds up from there.  He speaks in defense of the Church as founded by Jesus Christ and walks the reader through her history.

This is also a fantastic addition to an evangelist's  toolkit.

These are the chapters and appendices:
Chapter 1: The Case for God
Chapter 2: The Case for God's Word
Chapter 3: The Case for Christ
Chapter 4: The Case for Christ's Church
Chapter 5: More Blueprints
Chapter 6: Highs and Lows in Papal History
Chapter 7: You Will Know Them By Their Fruits
Chapter 8: The Crusades, The Inquisition, and the Trial of Galileo
Chapter 9: The Church: Ever Ancient, Ever New
A: Has the Church Changed?
B: The Seven Sacraments in Scripture
C: Where is Purgatory in the Bible?
D: More on Celibacy
E: More on Contraception
F: More on Mary
The book is well researched and there are extensive notes available.  There is also an index which makes it easy to find whatever topic the reader is looking for.  The back of the book has several extra blank pages for note taking.

I think anyone who professes to be Catholic publicly on Facebook might want a copy.  It is amazing how posting something seemingly innocent can bring an onslaught of debate.  A status update such as, "Oh, hey!  I really like our new Pope!" can lead to a crazy debate with so many rabbit trails that even the participants don't remember how it started.  (If this has already happened to you, please notice that the Chapter 8 and the appendices which include some of the favorite attack topics.)

Despite the weightiness of the subject matter, the book flows well for the reader.  There are compelling stories, and examples of skeptical responses to the subject matter.  These are well balanced with Scriptural rebuttal, accepted Catholic teaching, and interesting discussion.

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