Thursday, June 13, 2013

#TMNT Action Toys are Available at the Nick Shop

TMNT Header
TMNT Toys Available From the Nick Shop

On Monday, I posted about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys that are available at the Nick Shop and showed some of the Lego building kits that they carry.

They also have action figures like the ones you see below.

TMNT Action Figures
These toys stand about four and half inches tall, have articulating joints, and come with all of the right accessories.  All of the turtles are represented, and you can see Leonardo above.  You will also find the supporting characters like Metal Head and a Foot Soldier are also available.

The average retail price for the basic figures you see here is about $9.99 -$11.99.  There are also some fancier versions available which you can see if you visit the site.

We also got to play with a TMNT Rippin Rider.

TMNT Motorcycle
The cycle does not come with a figure, it is just the bike.  The basic figures fit perfectly, so we decided Leonardo should go for a ride.

Armed with swords, knives, and throwing stars, he was ready to ride.

TMNT Action Figures
We stuck a few swords in the scabbard on his back and gave him a throwing star.  Here is how well he fits on the motorcycle.

The Rippin Rider has cool front forks, turtle detailing, quadruple rear exhaust, a working kickstand, a T-shaped headlight, and a side-mounted device for firing anti-Kraang missles.

TMNT Action Figures
One More Fun Toy You Might Like is the Michelangelo Flinger Toy.

This is also available in a Leonardo model that flings sewer lids.

TMNT Flingers
This is a pretty neat figure.  Load in the pizzas and then roll the figure sideways on a hard flat surface. Mike's right will reach for the pizza and fling it forward.  He stands about five and half inches tall and comes with ten pizza discs.  The suggested retail price for this is $16.99 but as I write this post  it is currently 20% off and priced at $13.61.
These toys and many others are available at the Nick Shop.  Have fun shopping, and don't miss the Turtles on Nickelodeon.