Monday, July 8, 2013

#LittlePim Storybook #App Teaches Colors - Spanish Language Learning for Little Ones

Little Pim App
Learn Spanish with Little Pim: "Colors"
  • Little Pim is the #1 language learning system for children ages 0-6.
  • The story uses the Entertainment Immersion Method® system.
  • Children learn through interactive fun.
  • eBook is for use with iPads that have iOS 4.3 or later.
  • Different options allow for several learning experiences.
  • During quiet times, pages can be colored and shared.
  • Purchase from the iTunes Store (current price $2.99)
  • Little Pim has other games, apps and videos available for Apple devices.
Little Pim is an award winning language learning program designed for young children. The Entertainment Immersion Method® is a specifically designed way to teach kids while they are young and their minds are able to learn new language best.  The program is video based and there are supplements including books, games, and toys.

The newest addition to the system is a brand new eBook, Colors.

Little Pim asks for your child's help as he collects balloons of several colors. As they move through the story he teaches some key Spanish vocabulary words and phrases and associates colors with everyday objects.

Little Pim app yellow
The eBook can be used several ways.

The most obvious would be to read it aloud.  As you go through, you can tap the words and they will be read back to you.  The vocabulary is in English and Spanish, so knowing how to speak the language is not required.

The Press and Reveal feature teaches children colors and vocabulary as they guess and play.  Because little ones like cause and effect learning they will want to repeat (and reinforce) these exercises.

Personalize the story by using the Record it Yourself feature.  Use the record button and read the story in your own voice.  This would also be fun to use with grandparents or other loved ones.  A press of a button could bring their voice to your child as they learn and play.

The story also uses the question and answer method to reinforce vocabulary and teach basic phrases.

After collecting balloons, Little Pim reveals that they were for a surprise party that he arranged for you!

Little Pim App partyDuring quiet times, you children can color the pages of the book.  These works of art can be shared, too!

Little Pim App coloring
This a great idea for an app - but it is rather short.  You will only help Little Pim find four balloons before the party.  On the party page, there are two additional colors, but no accompanying words to go with them.