Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Alone Yet Not Alone - Special Movie Edition Paperback (With Give Away!) #AYNAtheMovie

Alone Yet Not Alone book cover
Alone Yet Not Alone - Special Movie Edition
  • Written by Tracy Leininger Craven
  • Paperback -160 Pages - English Language
  • Suitable for Ages 12 and Up
  • Published by Zonderkidz (December 25, 2012)
  • Suggested Retail Price $9.99
  • A Movie Based on the Book Will be in Theaters 9/27
Alone Yet Not Alone is the story set in the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania in the Autumn of 1755.  The Leininger family have settled there and are thankful for their blessings.  They have a fine homestead and their land has provided them with successful harvest.  The reader gets a lovely snapshot of a closely knit family with a strong faith.

That faith is tested as the French - Indian War begins.  The family is involved  in the Penn's Creek Massacre - the Father and brother are killed, and sisters Barbara and Regina are abducted by Allegheny warriors.  Rather than despair, the girls find that their comfort in God and their desire to be reunited with their family keeps them determined.  They will need it - especially when they become separated for many years.

This is written to appeal to a younger audience, so it is a rather quick and easy read - read it in about 2 hours.  It could work well for a family read aloud with Middle School students - there are even some discussion pages included in the back.

The focus of the story is more about Christianity than the struggle between the Native Americans and the settlers.  There is not a lot of depth, history, or converging story lines that an adult version would have, and it told completely from the settlers' side.

A movie based on the book is set for theater release in late September.  The book contains a full color segment with photos from the filming.  I have not seen the movie, but it has received a Five-Star Dove rating, and you can read the review on this page.

I am including this trailer with the caveat that is a PG-13 movie and there is some imagery that young ones should not see.

I have not seen the movie which will have a limited release to theaters in late September. If it does not come to your part of the country in September, there is a nationwide release scheduled for February of 2014.

While you wait to see the story on the big screen, you could win a copy of the paperback.  I have one copy for giveaway, so if you would like the chance to win it, use the form below.

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