Sunday, August 18, 2013

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I am Second
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Each video is similar - dark room, a white chair, a single light and nondescript clothes.  The person in the chair changes, but the message is the same.  These "Seconds" tell their stories, their struggles, and their pains - then they talk about the choice.  It is a choice that we all have - do we do it alone and live in pain or do we put Jesus first?  Listen as the athletes, musicians, actors, and business leaders talk about their journey to Jesus.

I am Second has been inspiring people from all walks of life to turn to God.  The videos are real and the stories give hope - especially since they can be searched by topic.  Whatever the struggle -  death, illness, divorce, post traumatic stress, pride, gang life, anger prostitution and more - I can choose the video that will best speak to my need.  There are also videos that discuss faith questions.

I have watched so many of the videos and I have gotten something from each one.  Today I watched Vitor Belfort, a UFC Fighter and someone that my sons admire.  His story is about overcoming grief.

Vitor's sister was kidnapped in his home country, Brazil.  She was treated in a brutal way by a vicious gang of men and then murdered.  Vitor describes the power that grief had on his heart and his life and the relief that came to him when he was able to give the grief and anger to God.

The messages of hope, trust, peace, and fulfillment waiting to be found are inspiring to me.  I am sure that they are encouraging to those who are struggling.  I like that they are real.  I have had some serious Kleenex moments, so I can see how the right message at the right time could be the thing that would lead a person to turn his or her life around.

If that happens to anyone browsing the site, there is a number they can call, a way to chat, and an email address for support.  These are available 24 hours a day.

The videos have sparked their own movement now and visitors often go a step further.  They are sharing them and using them to start discussions with friends and family. There are even I am Second groups, events and I am Second Expeditions to help people in other countries.

If you love the site but aren't sure how to share it, a tee shirt like this is perfect for starting conversations.  Be sure to check out the store!

I am Second Tee Front and Back.jpg
As you can see, Boy One is wearing the Black Tee shirt well.  It has the logo on the front and the web address on the back shoulder.  He is also wearing the awareness band on his wrist.
I am Second is designed to help people discover their purpose in life. Have you discovered yours?

The I am Second Tee Shirt and wrist band were sent to me in exchange for a site review.