Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Break Pal - #Fitness at Your Desk! (With Give Away!) #BreakPal

Break Pal Logo
Break Pal - Fitness at Your Desk
  • Join and Make Friends Online, Join With a Group, or Sign Your Whole Company Up!
  • Set a Reminder Interval for 15, 30, 45 or 60 Minutes
  • Choose From an List of Exercise Videos
  • Join for a Month, a Year, Two Years, or For Life!
  • Participate in Message Boards, Read the Blog, and Build Your Profile
  • Use a Mobile App on Your Phone or Tablet
  • Learn More by Visiting the Website - www.breakpal.com
  • Social Media Fans Can Interact on Facebook
  • Free or Premium Memberships
  • Prices Vary From $9.95 For One Month to $197 for a Lifetime Subscription
Break Pal was designed to help office workers who sit at a desk all day to fight the weight gain that often occurs when we spend too much time seated at a desk.

It is a clever idea.  A timer is set to go off every 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes and then a pop up reminds you to take a short break and do some light exercise.

At first it was strictly web based, and now there are apps for mobile devices, too.  I use the app, since I spend most of the day with my iPad in hand.  Even though I am not at the desk, I am not as active as I could be.  I am either homeschooling or working on blog posts and social media.

To get started, I set up an account through the website.  Then I found the app in the iTunes store and put it on my iPad.  Once it was installed, I was able to enter my account information to sign in.

It is so easy to use.  I set my notification intervals, and then waited.

Break Pal Intervals
Throughout the day, every 30 minutes I would either get a banner notification like this:

break pal notification
When I was not using my iPad, the notification would come up on my lockscreen, so I was still able to keep up.

Because these are exercises meant to be done in an office, they are not too difficult and the are not going to lather me up in sweat.  They do get me moving and increase the heart rate a little bit.  They are taken from yoga, cardio kung fu, Tai Chi, and Chi Gung.

I choose an activity from the list and then I am brought to a video.

Break Pal videos
This is only a partial screen shot of the exercises.  Some are easy, others are a bit more difficult, but they are all less than five minutes and the video makes it easy to follow along.
Break Pal Video
Each morning I also get an email with a link to log in and set my timer.  The email also has some short burbs about the previous days blog posts.  If something catches my eye I can click right over to see it.

Break Pal Morning Email
The web based timer is very similar to the app.  Once again I would select an interval from a drop down menu and wait for the pop ups.  There is also a desktop app that can be used instead.

Break Pal Web Based Set Up
 The website also has teams like these where Break Pal users can interact and encourage one another.  As you interact on Break Pal each day you will get points and before long you can be a Break Pal superstar.

Break Pal Groups
There are some exercises that are available for free, but to get the full menu of exercises a user needs the premium membership. The price plans for premium membership vary dependent upon how long you choose to use the service.  Month by month is the most expensive, and Lifetime membership is the biggest cost savings.

Break Pal Pricing
Break Pal also offers a company plan where everyone in the office can be included as a team.  Visit this page to start a Company Trial.
Exercise breaks have been shown to reduce the health risks of the desk job and increase productivity by keeping you alert and feeling good.
So, now I get to offer one of my readers a one year premium membership.  To be eligible, use the Rafflecopter form provided.
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