Tuesday, August 13, 2013

@FiberChoice Fruity Bites - Great Tasting Digestive Support! #FruityBites (Give Away!)

FiberChoice Fruity Bites
FiberChoice Fruity Bites
  • 100% Natural Prebiotic Fiber
  • Assorted  Fruit Flavored Chewy Cummies
  • Adults: Take 2 Gummies Each Day
  • Ages 6-12: Take 1 Gummy Per Day
  • Suggested Retail Price $18.99 (90 Count Bottle)
  • Available at CVS, Wegmans, Walgreens, Target, and Walmart 
FiberChoice Fruity Bites
As a mom of kids on the autism spectrum, I became an expert with a plunger early on. Keeping those digestive tracts in good working order became a high priority!   FiberChoice became a household favorite early, and has worked well for us.

When our sample of Fruity Bites arrived, the boys were happy to try them out.  Both agreed that they taste great, and the gastrointestinal activity has all been in good working order.

My kids are not alone, most people don't get the recommended amount of fiber in their diet.  FiberChoice has a great variety of fiber supplements that can help, including the new Fruity Bites you see here.

FiberChoice Fruity Bites
The gummies come in different shapes and flavors, and each will provide 1.5 Grams of fiber to your diet.  A serving of two is three grams - as much as a serving of oatmeal or a banana!

The fiber found in FiberChoice is inulin which can be found naturally in many fruits and vegetables. Inulin is a prebiotic fiber which will feed the "good" bacteria that naturally occurs in the digestive system.  This system is an easy boost to help keep things moving, so to speak.

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