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Little Ones and Struggling Readers Can Benefit From The Reading Lesson (With Give Away!) @ItsReadingTime

The Reading Lesson - Cover
The Reading Lesson - Teach Your Child to Read in 20 Lessons

  • An Easy Step-by-Step Approach to Reading
  • Best Suited for Children Ages 3-11
  • 444 Pages - Paperback - Includes a CD
  • Companion Items Reinforce the Lessons
  • Requires about 20 Minutes Each Day
  • Complete a Lesson in 2-3 Weeks
  • Free Downloads Available (Including Two Free Lessons!) 
  • A Free "I Can Read!" Certificate of Completion
  • Purchase for $27.95 or Browse the Bundled Products
  • Visit the Website ( for More Information
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The Reading Lesson Books
It is back to school time all over the country and for some families that means a lot of tears about reading.  It is so hard to watch our kids struggle with anything - but reading is so important and opens so many other doors that it is in everybody's best interest to have our children not just reading, but enjoying it too!

The Reading Lesson is a very easy method that has had a lot of success.  It requires the parent to sit with the child and go over a few pages of a lesson every day.  It takes a couple of weeks to complete a lesson, but after 20 lessons, children will be able to sound out their words, develop reading confidence, and even enjoy reading!

One of the more important elements to success is to keep the lessons short. Children have short attention spans but good memory.  Fifteen Minutes is ideal for school aged kids, but younger children may only do a page a day.  Plan to spend about five minutes on a page.  If you need to slow down and cover less than you had planned it is better than pushing and becoming frustrated.

There is a detailed introduction with instructions on how to best use the book.  This is followed by a lesson list and a picture chart of the letter sounds.

Take a look at some pages from Lesson One.  (You can download this lesson FREE using the link above!)

The Reading Lesson - Pages
The lesson begins by introducing the letters that will be the focus of the lesson.  There is a page for the parent which discusses how to best present the lesson to your child.

The first page for the children has them match pictures and letter sounds.  Next you see a page where they will sound out two letters and then put them together.  A is the first sound in alligator plus T which is the first sound in turtle.  Ahhh plus Ttt equal AT.  The the following two pages have them putting together simple three letter words, and so it goes.

This version of the book includes an animated CD-Rom which adds multimedia interest..  By adding movement and sound the concepts become easier to grasp (and remember!) and the children are more interested in the program.

The lessons build on the foundation of what has been learned and by the last lesson, kids are reading simple stories.

This method seems almost too simple to work (considering all of the tears and struggles that some children go through) but now that I have had the opportunity to go through a few lessons with a couple of different kids, I have seen it working, and I am impressed.

We were given the opportunity to review some of the other books, too.

Big Words for Little Kids is for Kids 8-11 and is Currently $12.95.  
Recommended age: 8 to 11
It’s never too early to teach your child “big” words! This book is designed to introduce elementary school children to common Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes, and roots. The book works as a vocabulary primer to promote an understanding of word structure and meaning, rather than having a child tediously memorize long lists of words. Each lesson introduces a new word participle, and features examples of new words with explanations that children can understand. Light informative vignettes, quizzes, and practical exercises support each lesson.
The Verbal Math Set: Verbal Math 1 and 2 is Currently Priced at $19.95 and is suggested for Kids ages 4-11. 
Teach your young child math without pencil or paper…Verbally!
This 2 book set includes our best-selling Verbal Math series. Most children don’t like to do math worksheets, but will do the same problems verbally and if you help them think of it as a game. These books are meant to teach children to do math in their head, and each lesson includes tips and tricks for quickly calculating tough problems without having to write anything down. In these books, we remove the tedious handwriting aspect from math practice, and free a child’s mind to more important tasks – learning and cementing fundamental mathematical skills. Our goal is to help your children develop math fluency leading to immediate improvement in their school work.
Below you will see The Reading Lesson Big Package:

The Reading Lesson Bundle
I am very happy to offer this as a giveaway prize to one of my readers.  

This is a$179.90 value, currently on sale for $134.95.  If you have a struggling reader you will definitely want to check out this amazingly generous giveaway opportunity.

The prize pack includes:
  • The bestselling book, The Reading Lesson
  •  An interactive Reading Lesson CD with games, printouts, and more
  • The Storybook CD
  •  The Writing Lesson CD
  • The Sounds of Letters DVD
  • Verbal Math Lesson 1
  • Verbal Math Lesson 2
  • A soft Giggle Bunny toy
If you would like to try your luck, use the form below to enter.  Be sure to follow the instructions!

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