Monday, August 26, 2013

Spirit Animals Book 1: Wild Born by Brandon Mull - #BackToSchool @Scholastic

Spirit Animals Book 1: Wild Born
The First Installment of Spirit Animals
  • Written by Brandon Mull
  • Part I of a Multi-Platform Series
  • Written For Ages 8 and up (Grades 3-7)
  • Hardcover: 224 pages - English Language
  • Publisher: Scholastic Inc. (September 10, 2013)
  • Genre: Action/Fantasy
  • Readers Can Play a Companion Action Role-Playing Game
  • Also Available as an eBook, Audio CD or on Audible
  • Suggested Retail Price $12.99 (Will Vary by Retailer)
Summer is drawing to a close, and the kids will be hitting the books again.  If your children are fans of Action/Adventure/Fantasy then they might want to keep an eye out for the release of a new multi-author, multi-platform series.  The first book of the Spirit Animals series, Wild Born will be available on September tenth.  If you like to shop online, it is available for pre-order right now.  It is written by superstar fantasy author Brandon Mull.  (Fablehaven, Beyonders, The Candy Shop War)

Set in the world of Erdas, these books are about children.  In this land, when a child reaches their age, they undergo a ritual to see if they have have a spirit animal.  Children who have this gift form a special bond with the animal and it bestows great powers to both. 

You will meet four kids who have spirit animals - they have to work together on a quest to save their world from a dark and evil force that is rising.   

If you are unsure of what a multi-platform series is,it simply means that the story is told over a range of media platforms. (Scholastic's The 39 Clues and Infinity Ring are both examples of multi-platform series.)  Spirit Animals has a companion action/role-playing game that is a fun companion to the game and keeps the readers engaged between volumes.  Players create customized heroes and choose their own spirit animals. They will train and bond with their animal and give it battle armor.  The goal is to join the characters from the book on quests to save the world.  Each player also has their own room which they can decorate to their own taste. 

Brandon Mull is a great story teller and  he does a great job with descriptive language.  Even though it sounds like it might be a tough concept for kids to grasp, it flows easily and children eight and older will easily keep up and definitely want to keep reading.  

The story does have supernatural elements, and fantasy themes.