Tuesday, August 20, 2013

TeenyMates Blind Packs and Key Chains Now Available (With Give Away!) #NHL #NFL

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The TeenyMates Product Line is Growing
  • New Blind Packs With NHL Teams
  • New Key Chains for Popular Teams
  • New Series 2 Foil Packs for NFL
  • NBA Blind Packs Coming Soon
  • Purchase at Target or Dick's Sporting Goods
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TeenyMates ProductsTeenyMates are clever little collectibles for the football and/or hockey fans in your family.  The figures come in blind foil packages with two figures, two puzzle pieces, and a check off list.  There are tag-along key chains which show the team uniforms so fans can find their team and show off their pride.  There are also some special rares to add some excitement to the collecting.

When you are out shopping look for these foil packs:

TeenyMates Blind Packs
First, let me tell you about the Series 2 NFL TeenyMates Series.  There are new figures and you can collect all 32 teams, and a new puzzle, too.  To build the puzzle collect all 35 pieces which come 2 to a pack. recreate the picture on the checklist and you will create a double sided puzzle that has a football field on one side and a montage of the teams on the other.

These NFL packs also carry six rare figures: There is a Referee, a Glow-In-The Dark Series 2 figure, a Pittsburgh Steelers in a Throwback jersey, a Blue Ice Figure, a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Throwback and a Metallic Gold Finish figure.

I pulled a glow in the dark figure.  Whoo Hoo!

TeenyMates Contents
I was really glad to learn about the NHL TeenyMates.  Hockey is my favorite sport, and I was thrilled to get a Habs player and an NHL glow in the dark, too!

These packages contain 2 figures, 2 puzzle pieces, and a collecters list.  All 30 teams are represented and there are also some rares to chase.  The Double-Sided Puzzle will make an NHL hockey rink on one side and little color poster of the TeenyMates on the other.

The four rare figures are the Glow-In-The Dark TeenyMate, a Hartford Whalers Vintage Figure, a Quebec Nordiqu├ęs Vintage player, and a Metallic Gold Finished Model.

The NFL Tag-a-long Keychains have a TeenyMates figure, a key ring, and a clip.

TeenyMates Key Chain
Mine is a NY Giants TeenyMate, and he is right in time for the new season.

Would you like a chance to win some TeenyMates?  I have been given the opportunity to host a giveaway.  You can be a part of the fun - just use the Rafflecopter form below and follow the directions for your chance to win.
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Good luck!