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Typecrush - A Handcrafted and Customizable Word Game #MosaicReviews

TypeCrush Game
TypeCrush - The Word Game
  • Educational Fun For Home or the Classroom (or Home Classroom!)
  • Handcrafted Letterpressed Pieces Made From Recycled Material
  • The Game is Made and Assembled in the United States
  • Simple and Customizable Game Play - Adjust the Difficulty as Needed
  • For Ages 7 and Up 2 or More Players or Teams
  • Easy Storage in a Screw Top Can for Easy Cleanup and Portability
  • Includes Game Pieces, Instructions, and Two TypeCrush Letter Charts
  • Games are $25 (Free US Shipping) and Have a Money Back Guarantee
  • Visit the Website ( 
Who wants to play Typecrush?

Typecrush is a word game that adds some other thinking aspects - like probability, patterns, and letter frequency.  There are basic instructions but they are not set in stone.  Teachers, parents, and players can then develop custom made games that suit them best.

The game comes in a can and it holds instructions, game theme ideas, and cards with the letter breakdowns.  You will notice that there are five different colored circles.  The colors represent groups of letters.  Blue circles will have either E, T, A, O, or N on the printed side - purple circles - R, S, I, H, or D and so it goes for all of the colors.  The alphabet is divided up, five letters to a color except for the taupe which has six low frequency letters.

Decide who will go first and that player will think of a word.  Without letting anyone else see, they will find circles with letters that they need to make the word, pull them out and place them blank side up on the playing surface in the proper order.  They will offer a hint, and the other players will try to guess the words based on the colors they see.

Take a look at the example below.

TypeCrush Food WordThe hint helps the players to narrow the focus to food, and the placement of two side by side low frequency letters makes this one fairly easy to solve.

One thing we fund helpful right away was to have the word maker point out which was the first letter and which one was the last.  (especially if the players are sitting across the table!)

Of course, for this word, that wouldn't matter:

TypeCrush Palindrome This one was a bit tougher to solve, but knowing it was a palindrome helped.

The game itself is very attractive and I loved the small canister.  It is so easy to store or carry!  The game and the packaging are made from 100% recycled materials so the company is environmentally conscious.  The attractive handcrafted and letterpressed. game pieces are made thick and sturdy.  Due partly to the use of trendy colors and the cool can design, it is just as easy to pull this out and play the game in a group of adults.

TypeCrush GameAnother fun way to play is to make it like a game of hangman.

Check out this round of hangman inspired play:

TypeCrush - Game Play
In the first frame the word was chosen and the hint "Fashion accessory" was given.

The first correct guess was the letter A, and the card was revealed.  The T, H, and C followed.  The correct answer was "watch".

A fun way to play with two players is to have each one make a word of the same length and then have them take turns back and forth.  The first to guess properly wins!

Or, draw some game pieces randomly, show them letter side up then have players come up with a word list using the letters, or take turns coming up with words that use the letters until only one player remains.

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