Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jumbo Bananagrams - Great Big Family Fun! @bananagrams

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Jumbo Banangrams - Supersized Letter Game Fun
  • Classic Banangrams Fun With 3x3 inch Tiles
  • Game Pieces are Waterproof and Non Slip
  • 144 Letter Tiles in a Jumbo Banana Carry Case
  • For 1-8 Players Ages 7 and up
  • Suggested Retail Price $44.95 
  • See All of the Banangrams games at www.bananagrams.com
Jumbo and Classic BananagramsI love Bananagrams and the recently introduced jumbo edition makes it possible to play in more places.  The game is played the same but instead of using the small tiles the pieces are 3x3 inch squares and made from flexible water resistant material.  This was great for the summer because it can go outdoors to a beach or a park and to parties. 

Banagrams at the Beach
I like that nothing gets lost.  No little piece is missed or forgotten.  As I mentioned, the game also has what it takes to make it in the great outdoors.  In addition to being water resistant, normal winds don't disturb the grids because the tiles have a slip resistant quality.

Another benefit of this version is that the large size allows sight impaired players to get in on the fun, too.

Jumbo BanangramsEach Jumbo Banangrams game comes with 144 letter pieces, a big banana shaped carrying case, and the game instructions.  Because it is a letter game we also make up some of our own games - but the suggested instructions are perfect for a fast paced competitive word game.

Jumbo BanangramsBegin by turning the letters over.  This creates a "bunch" for players to choose from.

The only "con" I found with this version is that some of the letter shapes show slightly through the other side.  You can kind of see a "C" or a "G" in the forward left portion of this photo.  As you can also see, this isn't the case for all of the letters and the game plays quickly so there really isn't a lot of time for peeking.

Jumbo BanangramsStart with the suggested number of letters per player - and then go!  Players turn their letters face up and then build a crossword style grid.

Throughout the game, players pick up and trade in tiles but the goal is to be the fastest, have an error free grid, and not have any letters left when the game is finished.

For demonstration purposes this game is set up on the table - but as you can see - it is not ideally suited for this small of a surface area.  Floors are much more fun!

Jumbo Banangrams

When we are finished the game packs up in this fun banana shaped carrying case.  The handles make it easy to bring along to parties or to outings.

Jumbo Bananagrams
Jumbo Bananagrams can be purchased securely from the website (find the link above) using PayPal or major credit cards.  The game has scored well for children with special needs (as determined by the National Lekotech Center and seen on the AblePlay website) in the physical, cognitive, sensory, and communication categories.

There is also a Jumbo version of Zip-It!.