Thursday, September 5, 2013

Read Grace Unplugged and Own It Before @GraceMovie Hits Theaters (With Give Away)

Grace Unplugged Cover
Grace Unplugged - Read the Book Before You See the Movie
  • Novel by Melody Carson
  • 304 Pages - Paperback - English Language
  • Offered by B&H Publishing - Released 9/1/13
  • Christian Fiction Based on the Motion Picture
  • Visit the Website, Facebook Page, and Twitter Account
  • Suggested Retail Price $15.99 (Will Vary)  
  • The Soundtrack and a Bible Study Curriculum Are Also Available
The Movie Grace Unplugged is going to be in theaters this October.  The story is about GraceTrey and her father Johnny.  Johnny had a brief time in the spotlight when he had a big musical hit, but he was only a one hit wonder.  Now he is a dad and a devout Christian.  He and Grace sing worship songs together and they are rather popular but Grace feels tied down and creatively stifled.  She wants a chance to make it big.  When she gets her shot at fame and fortune she has to navigate a world filled with people who do not have her best intentions at heart while her father has to learn to let go.

Here is the Official Movie Trailer:

The movie will be in select theaters this October but the novel based on the movie is available now.  It is an easy read suitable for teens and adults.  The story is told through an observers eyes.  We follow Grace as she meets new people - some who want to use her for their gain, and others who want what is best for her.  She has to decide what she will compromise to be a star.  Can she sing these lyrics?  Does she really want these photos taken?  Does she even want to be there at all?

If you find this interesting and would like to learn more, visit the website at  You will find photos, video, downloads, (including a free song download!) theater and ticket information, bios of the cast and crew, and plenty more.  From all appearances, the movie looks like it should be a hit with the Christian movie viewers.  The soundtrack includes some favorites, too.  The songs on the CD are by Josh Wilson
, Chris Tomlin
, TobyMac
, Colton Dixon
, Nine Lashes
, Luminate, Shawn McDonald
, AJ Michalka
, Jamie Denton
, and Jamie Grace

You may have noticed the young man in the video clip I posted offering Grace a book.  The book is Own It: Leaving Behind a Borrowed Faith.  This one was also released on September first since many who will see or read Grace Unplugged will want a copy.

Own It Cover

Own It:  Leaving Behind a Borrowed Faith
  • Wtitten by Michael and Hayley DiMarco
  • 176 Pages - Paperback Volume - English Language
  • Spiritual Growth Genre From a Christian/Protestant Perspective
  • Released 9/1/13 by B&H Publishers
  • Suggested Price $14.99 (Will Vary)  
The book helps Grace when she is struggling.  It helps her to see that her faith is not shared, rented, or borrowed from her parents.  It is real, and it is hers.  This was written to help the young adults who are going out into the world to careers or college to find and own their relationship with God.

Broken into an introduction and six chapters, the reader will have some help when their faith meets the real world.  The chapters are:
  1. What is Owning Your Faith?
  2. Owning Your Faith Will Save You
  3. Owning Your Faith Will Cost You
  4. Owning Your Faith Will Change You
  5. Owning Your Faith Will Complete You
  6. Owning Your Faith Will Free You
Each chapter begins with a quote and then introduces relevant topics.  The authors include some vignettes about heir own lives and things they have faced and grown from.  Corresponding Scripture is included and they bold, offset, and italicize thoughts as needed.

I think this will be a useful book for many young people, but my Catholic readers should note that it is absolutely Protestant.

I have a copy of each of these books to give away. One lucky ready will win both volumes - if you would like to be included take your chances using the Rafflecopter form below.

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