Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Relocating the List of Winners

Sine I moved my blog here to Blogspot, I have been listing all of my winners on my "Current Giveaways" Page.

That has been working fine for a while, but as the list grows longer, it no longer makes good sense.

Here is my list of winners (since I moved my blog to Blogspot)

Raising Real Men Prize Bundle: Lisa B.
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories: Shirley P.
Simon Flash:  Lisa W.
Blogwarming GC: Debra B.
Wholly Guacamole: Coriander W.
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Happiness: Crystal A.
Coconut Flour: Veronica
A Mile in His Shoes:  Wendy R
Gorton's Coupons (Feb 2012): Cynthia C, Tiana B, Tara 
Flirty Apron: Tara H
Natural House Cleaning Supplies:  Kimberly F
The Mighty Macs Movie:  Rachel F
Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Food and Love: Shirley Z.
Three Hearts Movie: Nancy D.
WWE Prize Pack: Leslie P
Miami Vineyard Live: Susan
Alexa's Angels Bracelet: Polly
Robin Good and His Not so Merry Men: Lois J
WWJD II - The Woodcarver Movie: Tracy J
Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler:  Virginia R
Banannagrams:  Michelle P
A Perfect Pet for Peyton Book:  Melissa P.
DabbleWord Game: Candie L.
Dabble App:  Renee C
Over the Moon Cups:  Anastacia G, Nancy D, Naomi
Gorton's Coupons (April 2012):  Valia L, Wendy R, Betty C
The Five Love Languages of Children:  Debbie P
Father's Day Keepsake Poem:  Allison L, Ashley M
Autographed Copy of The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch:  Monja B.
PhoneFetcher:  Minh
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Family Caregiver: Stephanie H.
The Hicural Device:  Jessica H
Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Mothers and Daughters:  Tamar
Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Stay at Home Moms:  Donna
Farm Rich Coupons:  Ellen L
Robby Wash Ball:  Justice
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Say Goodbye to Stress:  Katy
$15 PayPal - Amy
Noxicare - June and Chelle
Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Here Comes the Bride - Charlene
Oransi Air Purifier - Ursula
Sunburnt Gel - Tamar
Superfood Snacks - Erica
Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Weight Loss over 50 - Lily
SideKix - April
Lilla Rose - Lacey
Penniless Princess - Jodi
Carmex - Nancy
Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Messages From Heaven: Deborah
Puppet Heap - Jill
Chalk City - Janet
American Bible Challenge Prize Pack - Robert
Chicken Soup for the Soul - Back Pain - Nicole
TeenyMates - Holly, Mike
Back Up Better - Vannicea, Tiffany
World's Softest Socks - Alicia
Toe Juice - Kristie
Alien Jailbreak - Ellen
Boost Your Brain Power - Mandy
Here is Your Kingdom Come Now - Shelly
Kyle Sherman - "Hear Me" - Sarah
Sparkle Box - Charlene
Scandalous - Teri
One Direction Accessories - Michelle
Father of Lights - Sandy
Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Married Life -  Mike
VeraTemp - Laura
Lil' Teammates - April
Gorton's - Sue, Dana, Mike
Reverse Charades - Toni
Del Monte - Lindsay
Reusies - Chris
The Gift of Christmas - Jaydee
Febreze - Nicol
YoYo Lipgloss - Rebecca
Vizardz Nightlight - Sharon
Chicken Soup: I Can't Believe My Cat Did That:  Kathryn
Chicken Soup:  I Can't Believe My Dog Did That:  Sandra
What to Expect When You're Expecting DVD Workout:  Amy
Three Day Test - William, Teresa
Chicken Soup:  the Power of Positive:  Susan
Happy New Year Gift Card - Kimberly
Cosmetics Collection - Stephanie
Conversations With God - Michelle, Katelyn
Chicken Soup:  Boost Your Brain Power - Robyn
Etched. . . Upon my Heart - Coley
The Five Money Personalities - Heather
Chicken Soup:  Finding my Faith - Kathryn
Abel's Field - Dianna
TV Store Online - Shelly
The Utter Relief of Holiness - Maureen
Youve Been Sentenced - Anne
The Little House That Stood - Deborah
Little Angels - Sandy
It's Not Your Fault - Marti
Billy Graham and Me - Sacha
Transformers Toy - Terrim
Home Run - Kelly
Poppin Hoppies - Mara
Spontuneous - Shelly
Loved CD - Melissa
Noxicare - Sacha
Bible Challenge - Mia
What I Wish I Knew - Charlene
Eggland's Best - Jeri
Carmex - Debra
WordAround - Martha
Happy Birthday, Talking Ginger! - EJ
Pedi-Protexx - Susie
Chicken Soup: Angels - Tami
Totino's - Debra
This is Our Time - Kelly
Break Away - Susan
ezWipers - Ellen
Jonah and the Whale Book - Melanie
Ring the Bell - Emilee
Fuzzy Ink Cooke Cutters - Jolene
Chicken Soup: Autism Spectrum - Valerie
Can't Wait Willow - Andrea
Scanimalz - Mimi
Mía Mariú Skin Care - Lisa
Doc McStuffins DVD - Dianna
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Writers - Nancy
Tandoor Chef - Diane
Space Warriors Blu-Ray - Cheryl
Olay Regenerist - Teresa
KissPat Hair Chalk - Anne
Back Up Better Window Lens- Miz, Lynne, Charlene, Christine, Mihaela
Jack the Giant Slayer - Kendra
YoYo LipGloss - Denise
Givver Prize Pack - Lisa
YummiPouch - Mandy
The Original Chicken Soup for the Soul - Christine
Purex Dryer Sheets - Allison, Nicole, Claudia
Chicken Soup For the Soul:  Reader's Choice - Shelton
Fels-Naptha Laundry Bars - Sallee
Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt - Donna
Fiber Choice Gummies - J
Alone Yet Not Alone - Kathy

I will start a new list on the giveaways page with winners from today forward.