Monday, September 9, 2013

@SpikeSeasoning Magic - Ten Great Flavors to Enhance Your Cooking! (With Give Away)

Spike Seasonings
Spike Seasonings Magic - Great Flavors Since 1925
  • Created by Gayelord Hauser in His Taormina Kitchen
  • Distributed by Modern Products, Inc.
  • Several Salt Free and Many Gluten-Free Choices
  • Available For Purchase via the Website and in Many Stores
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spike seasonings
Have you ever used Spike Seasonings?  This line of flavor enhancing spices was developed by the late Gayelord Hauser and have been "Spiking-Up" cooking for over half a century.

I just had the chance to sample some of the flavors - so far I have been impressed with the results.  These spice blends range from the original 39 spice combination to simple onion or garlic seasonings, and plenty in between.

spike seasonings
There are ten different Spike varieties:  
  1. Spike Original Magic*
  2. Spike Salt-Free Magic**
  3. Spike Hot’n Spicy Magic*
  4. Spike Vegit Magic*
  5. Spike Vege-Sal Magic
  6. Spike Garlic Magic**
  7. Spike Onion Magic**
  8. Spike 5 Herb Magic**
  9. Spike Lemon Peper Magic
  10. Spike Tenderizer
*indicates a gluten free product
*indicates a salt free product

These are available in glass shaker bottles - some come in packets and bulk sizes, too.  The suggested price for the standard glass shaker bottle is $3.49.

If you are interested in trying Spike Seasoning in your cooking, you might be able to do so for free!  I have been authorized to conduct a giveaway for some samples.  The gift pack I received included 4 full sized products and packets with the other six flavors.  The winning prize pack will be similar, but the selections may vary.

Submit your entries using the Rafflecopter form below, and be sure to follow the directions.
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