Saturday, September 14, 2013

These New Books Help Begin a Faith Conversation With Little Ones #GrahamBlanchard

Kowing my God Book Bundle (Fall 2013)
 Parents and Children Will Enjoy These Books About God
  • Text for all Books is Written by Callie Grant
  • Bright Board Books Illustrated by Various Artists
  • Published by Carpenter's Son for Graham Blanchard
  • English Language - Christian Children's Books
  • Four Books Will be in Stores on 10/01/13
  • A Three Book Spring Release is Scheduled
  • Suggested Price per Book - $8.99 (Will Vary)
  • Special Pricing for Bundled Books Available at
As parents we want to pass our faith on to our children, but sometimes when they are little it can be hard to start the conversation.  Where should we begin, how do we answer the questions about heaven or God?

These new books written by Callie Grant for Graham Blanchard publishing can help.

Jesus Shows Me coverJesus Shows Me is a good place to start.  Using colorful photographs and child friendly language the author breaks down John 15: 9-14.  Each page uses a photo of an animal parent caring for its young to draw a parallel example to how God loves us.

Jesus Invites Me (cover)
Jesus Invites Me follows a similar format but the Bible passage is  Matthew 11:28-30.  Jesus called people to come and to follow Him.  The photographs and text show children what that looks like in their own world.
All of me That You Can't See (cover)All of Me that You Can’t See is illustrated by Jeremy Tugeau.  The lovely pictures accompany a rhyming story that leads children to an awareness of their inner spiritual self.  Even though it can't be seen it is growing in Jesus the same way rest of their body is growing.

Mud Puddle Hunting Day (cover)
Mud Puddle Hunting Day follows a young girl as she encounters some of the beauty of God's great creation.  As she enjoys the great gift that has been given to us to enjoy she feels happy.  This is a great opportunity to discuss why the splendor of creation leaves creates awe and wonder, and leads us to praise and worship.  This book is illustrated by Melanie Magee.

Knowing my God Spring Bundle
The Spring Titles are Jesus Saves Me, Close as Breath, and Little Seed: A Life.  These books are currently available for pre-order and will be released in February.

I think this would be a great Holiday gift for a family with little children so I will be including them in this year's Holiday Gift Guide.

I received a copy of Mud Puddle Hunting Day and a digital download of the fall titles in exchange for this post.  I am not paid to write posts and my opinions are genuine.