Saturday, September 7, 2013

Xploderz Sneak Attack Shoots Around Corners and Up To 125 Feet!

X-Ploderz Sneak Attack
The Xploderz Sneak Attack - The Maya Group
  • The Newest Addition to the Xploderz Gun Line - Shoots Soft Gel Pellets
  • For Children Ages 8 and Older
  • Mirror Attachment and Pivoting Body Allow Your Child to Hide and Shoot
  • Comes With 1,000 Rounds of Xploderz Ammo and an Ammo Storage Depot
  • Shoots Up To 125 Feet, Straight or Around Corners
  • Select and Shoot 1, 2, or 3 Rounds of Ammo at a Time
  • Durable Plastic Design Stands Up to Play and Does Not Rust
  • Available at Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, Kmart, Meijer and Amazon
  • Suggested Retail Price is $39.99 but Prices May Vary
  • Check Out All of the Xploderz Toys at
  • Like Xploderz on Facebook and Check Out the Xploderz YouTube Channel

I have teen boys and they really enjoy games with guns or other weapons.  They got their first Xploders toys in the Spring, and they have just LOVED them!  These guns are loaded with soft gel pellets so they are fairly safe for older kids, but add a fun ammo element to the games.

Both boys were thrilled to try the Sneak Attack, but Boy Two won the draw and earned first dibs.  The toy came with a filled ammo clip so he attached it to the gun right away.

XPloderz Sneak Attack There were also some packages of pellets which would provide another 1,000 rounds of ammo.  These are easy to make.  We just add water and they grow in size.  Since the clip only holds 75 rounds, the rest are stored in the included ammunition depot.  The clip can be filled right from the storage.

XPloderz Sneak Attack
Next, he fitted the mirror on to the top of the gun and practiced swiveling the barrel around.  As you can see, it can be kept in the straight position (above) or pivoted up to 90 degrees in either direction.

You can see Boy Two checking out the swing feature below.

XPloderz Sneak Attack It is also a large sized gun.  My son has his hands full!

In the next photo he is practicing how to get a good view around the corner before he took it upstairs to try it out on his brother.  It definitely adds an element of fun to the games!  Instead of having to jump out and give up their cover, the shooter has the element of surprise on his side and he can stay protected behind a wall or object while making his shot.

XPloderz Sneak Attack
To discharge the gun, they just pull back and the H2Grow pieces fly - up to 125 feet!  This is much further than other similar toys, even more than other Xploderz!

I want you to see a close up of the H2Grow ammunition.  As I wrote earlier, these start as tiny pellets, and they grow in water.

XPloderz Sneak Attack
The newest Xploderz guns (including this one) allow the holder to shoot up to three of these at a time.

My kids really love the gel balls, and I'm thinking that little ones would probably really love them too - so be sure not to leave them near younger children who would put them into their mouths.

Both of my sons give this two thumbs up.  It would make a fantastic gift for the adventurous boy on your list.