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@ChickenSoupSoul - Devotional Stories for Wives (With Give Away!)

Chicken Soup Devotional Stories for Wives
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Wives
  • A New Chicken Soup Book by Susan M. Heim and Karen C. Talcott
  • Published by Chicken Soup for the Soul - September 10, 2013
  • 101 Devotional Stories For Wives
  • Paperback or eBook - 400 Pages - English Language
  • Publisher's List Price: $14.95 (Will Vary)
  • Purchase from Amazon or Barnes and Noble Online
Most couples make the usual promises on their wedding day.  We promise to stand by our spouse in good times and bad, through sickness and health, when money is tight and when there is abundance.  These are very broad vows and they cover a myriad of things that will lie ahead for the bride and groom.  Even the happiest of couples have to face trials amid their joy.  I believe the old adage that says that one secret to a great marriage is falling in love over and over again - with the same person. 

It is also helpful if women support and reassure one another.  It is easy to find a group that will spend an hour over coffee tearing their men down, it is (sadly) more difficult to find friends who will encourage each other to be more patient, more devoted, a better communicator, etc.  The kind of friends who will hold a couple up in prayer until they fall back into step again.

If you don't have this kind of support, this book can at least give you hope that it's possible.  It is a compilation of 101 stories by wives for wives, presented in a devotional style.  

You will begin by reading  a bible verse.  The Scripture is followed by a short story that reflects the message of the chosen passage.  Each entry is completed with a prayer.  

The book is presented in ten chapters:
  1. Honoring Our Commitment
  2. The Power of Prayer
  3. Learning to Communicate
  4. Embracing Our Differences
  5. Recapturing the Magic
  6. Facing Our Challenges Together
  7. Surrender it All
  8. Second Chances
  9. A Change in Perspective
  10. Together in Strength
This is a book for new brides and women who have been standing by their man for years.  It can be read cover to cover, by topic, or open to a page and let God take the lead.

I have permission to offer a copy of this book for giveaway.  I you would like to try your luck, the form to enter the giveaway will be open through November tenth.  Good luck!

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