Thursday, October 3, 2013

Flying Kung Fu Frogs - a Fun New Game From @PatchProducts

Flying Kung Fu FrogsFlying Kung Fu Frogs by Patch Products
  • A Game For 2 to 4 Players Ages 5 & Up
  • Requires Some Assembly and Three "AA" Batteries (not included)
  • Includes the Six Level Kung Fu Training Center, 20 Frogs and the Rules
  • Launch the Frogs to Land on Platforms
  • Earn Points Based on the Different Levels
  • Motorized Kung Fu Training Center Spins as the Game is Played
  • A Patch Products Toy
  • Suggested Retail Price $17.99  
  • Order From the Website or Find it in Toy Stores 
This is Flying Kung Fu Frogs - a Fun Game from Patch Products.  The object of the game is to launch the little plastic frogs at the platforms and earn points based on which platform you can hit.  The Kung Fu Training Center spins as the game is played.

Flying Kung Fu Frogs
The game comes with the pieces for the training center and the frogs.  There is also a sheet of stickers to decorate the frogs and an instructions sheet.

Assembly is fairly easy but it should be completed by an adult.  Begin by unscrewing the battery compartment and put in three "AA" batteries - these are not included.

Flying Kung Fu Frogs
The completed training center looks like the photo below when it is completed.  The landing areas are different sizes and two of the platforms have some barriers making it more difficult to achieve those levels.

Flying Kung Fu Frogs
The frogs have little tabs which are pushed down and let go to send these little guys shooting up into the air.  This takes a little bit of practice but once we had a feel for it we had much better control over them.  (They can really fly!)  Once we had some mastery we were ready to turn the game on and play.  Simply push the small green button on the base to set the green stick pieces turning.

Flying Kung Fu FrogsThe players go around the and take turns so it is possible to employ some strategy.,  For example, the frogs in the red nest earn the highest point totals - the one on the base and the ones strewn on the tables get zero.  A player lagging behind may want to aim high and try for the red or play it safe and go with the better odds of earning points on the orange areas.

The end of a match looks like the photos above and below.

Flying Kung Fu Frogs
The game is silly and fun.  According to the package this game is for ages five and up - I am close to fifty and had a blast, so "up" can be a number as high as you choose.  (There are small pieces so please keep the game away from children under three and little ones who like to put things in their mouths.)

This is a Patch Products game.  You can see this and all of the Patch Products and Lauri Toys by visiting the website. You can also become a fan on Facebook, or follow along on Twitter to keep up with news, deals, and giveaway opportunities.
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