Saturday, October 5, 2013

Huck Walton and the Walltones, Part Two!

Huck Walton and the Walltones
Last month I posted about the band Huck Walton and the Walltones.  They had just released some singles on iTunes and were celebrating around the blogosphere.

Part of the celebration was a fun giveaway.  Downloads were given away for anyone who shared the love on their social media, participating blogs would each have a winner for a WallTones iTunes pack that would include an unreleased track, an exclusive pdf booklet,  AND 20% off all official band products for life.  One super lucky participant would win an iPad mini.

The iPad went to Toby S who entered from the Susan Heim On Parenting blog.
My winner of the 2nd prize went to Randy L.

Social media lovers can stop by the band's YouTube Channel to hear some of their music. Join them on their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter, too.

Thanks to all who participated.