Monday, October 28, 2013

Join the @sweetriot for Guilt Free Dark Chocolate! #riotgogo

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I have been indulging in a new kind of treat.  Every afternoon, I reach for my tin of sweetriot nibs!  These  yummy little guys are tiny, but full of flavor.  The cacao nib is covered in 65% dark chocolate so it is a deep dark chocolate - not a sweet or sugary indulgence.  I can satisfy my chocolate craving in an innovative and healthy way.  Because they are only one calorie each, it is also a guiltless snack!
The sweetriot company has several goals.  One is to make healthy dark chocolate treats - but they are also engaged in global fair trade with organic farmers in Latin America. They want their products to encourage better eating choices and improving the lives of the farming families by allowing them to earn fair prices through direct trade.  They also support emerging artists by featuring their work on the packaging.

If you have a larger chocolate appetite, you may like the sweetriot bars.  Feed your chocolate craving with a healthy chocolate bar!  They come in several flavors and these are broken into squares.  The pieces are only 20 -25 calories each so you can choose how much is right for you.
Of course, you might share my problem - I usually eat a whole bar once I open it - fear not!  We can choose individually wrapped squares that are about 25 calories each.

If you think that sounds great - it gets better.  Now sweetriot is working to create a 100 calorie product line.  To help it be super successful they are reaching out for crowdsourcing.  This new form of fundraising allows fans to be rewarded for backing products they love or believe in.  Friends who chip in can earn

Meet Sarah, the sweetriot C.E.O. who will tell you more about the company and the campaign.

So there is the pitch.  They are looking to raise $50,000 and they are offering donors an exciting variety of gifts - starting with a 3 pack of chocolate, but also including a year's supply of chocolate, a NYC trip, a trip to the cacao farm, and more!

You can find out more by visiting the fundraising page.

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Visit sweetriot on the web at (where you will also find their webstore) or on Facebook.  The Twitter account to follow is @sweetriot.

I wish you happy, healthy snacking, and I hope you will join me in the riot for chocolate!
Yes, I will blog for chocolate.  I will receive some sweetriot chocolate in exchange for this post.