Monday, October 21, 2013

The @Cottonelle Clean Care Routine - #LetsTalkBums

Cottonelle Clean Care Routine
The Cottonelle Clean Care Routine
  • For the Best Clean Routine Use Soft Dry Toilet Paper + Fresh Care Flushable Moist Wipes
  • Gentle toYour Bottom  While Keeping You Fresh and Clean
  • Wipes Come in a New No-Slip Upright Dispenser (Original Box is Still Available, too)
  • Purchase Online or  in Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, and Mass Merchandise Stores
  • Visit the Cottenelle Web Page For Information and Offers
  • Cottonelle has a Facebook Page and a Twitter Account
  • Watch the Fun Clean Care Routine Videos with Cherry Healy on YouTube
Talking about bathroom routines is not usually my first choice of social conversation - but it is something that we all have to deal with and Cottonelle Clean Care Wipes are fantastic - so Let's Talk Bums!

We have always been fans of Cottonelle wipes.  I keep a box in all of my bathrooms.  They were especially helpful when our boys were younger and starting to potty train.  They quickly learned the best way to get clean and I didn't have to dread doing the laundry.

Now Cottonelle has changed the design for the dispenser and they have been spending much more time telling the world about this great product that so many people were not aware of.

The new dispenser is upright, and it has a no slip bottom.  Here is a photo.

The Cottonelle Clean Care RoutineI was sent this sample pack with a full sized product, two purse packs, and some coupons so that I could try the full sized Fresh Care Wipes and share the rest.

The new unit is very easy to prime and use.
  1. Remove the plastic shrinkwrap
  2. Open the wipes package found inside
  3. Pull the first wipe through the dispenser
  4. Close the lid
Cottonelle Clean Care
The wipes are ready for use and it is easy to get just one wipe at a time.

I have also found that this new dispenser is quite eye catching.  Anyone who has used my restroom has commented and asked about them.  I'm happily spreading the word about this great way to keep clean.

I have also shared the purse packs and coupons so now my friends have happy bums, too!

Cottonelle Clean Care
Visit the Cottonelle website and social media linked above and you can score some coupons for yourself!  There is currently a coupon for $1.50 off - but if you share it with three friends, you can get a $2 off coupon instead!

If you save Boxtops for Education, you will be happy to know that Cottonelle products participate in the program, so you can also score Boxtops points with your purchases.

I hope you have a happy bottom.