Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Game of Things - Hilarious Party Fun from @PatchProducts

The Game of Things
  • A Fun Party Game for Ages 14 and Older
  • For Four or More Players
  • Comes in an Attractive Wooden Box
  • 300 topic cards, 1 response pad, 1 score pad, 8 pencils and instructions
  • Available From Patch Products and Other Toy Retailers
  • Suggested Retail Price $39.99
The Game of ThingsThis is "The Game of Things" - a hilarious party game from Patch Products.  If your family likes games, this will be a perfect pick up for after holiday dinners and the numerous get-togethers that are about to happen between now and the New Year.

You can see the attractive and sturdy wooden box.  The cover slides on and off and protects the contents without fear of crushing or corner dings.

The Game of ThingsInside you can find 300 cards for game play, a pad for players to write responses on, a pad of score sheets, 8 wooden pencils, and a sheet with instructions.

Game play is fairly simple.  One person chooses a card and reads the topic.  For example, this one says, "THINGS. . . you wish people would stop talking about."

The Game of Things
We actually played this game a few weeks ago, but it had to wait a while in the queue before it made it to draft, edit, and publish, so this was right after the VMA debacle.  It was easy for me to come up with an answer.

The Game of Things
I wrote "Miley Cyrus" and then tore off the strip of paper at the perforation and folded it up.  The other players did the same.  We all passed our answers to the one who asked the question.

The Game of Things
Now all the answers are opened and read.  This is where it gets funny.

You can see the answers to this particular prompt in the photo below.

The Game of Things
The slips of paper read : IOS 7; Miley Cyrus; Obama Care; Government Shutdowns; Pumpkin Spice

Now the players have to attempt to match answers with the person who wrote them.  Obviously, there will be some families who will know by the handwriting who wrote what, so in that circumstance, the answers should be read but not shown.

The scorekeeper will tally scores on the scoresheet.

The Game of Things
A player earns one point for a correct guess, and two points are awarded to the player who submitted an answer that has not been guessed by the end of a round.

Replacement response pads are available for $3.99 from the Patch Products website.
Tom Quinn, the inventor of The Game of THINGS… has been nominated for a Toy and Game Inventor (TAGIE) Award for Excellence in Game Design. Please click here and help Tom win this prestigious award! (Hurry!  Voting ends October 31, 2013)
To make game play move faster, tear you response sheets into strips before playing, and don't overthink your answer.  Trust me, the one that pops into your head first is the funniest!

Since there are sometimes only three of us at home, sometimes I just pull out some cards while the boys are still sitting at the table and read off questions.  They pop off answers out loud and we all crack up laughing.

Holiday Gift

Happy Holiday fun to you and your family!