Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Ozeri Duo Salt and Pepper Mill and Grinder

The Ozeri company specializes in creating modern housewares and digital products. Until recently their market was strictly corporate and they would supply items for vacation and business residences.  Visitors were so enamored with the products that they wanted them in their own homes.  Ozeri heard the requests and granted them.

You will not see any glitzy advertising - instead, consumers who have enjoyed Ozeri items while on vacation are making purchases based on their positive experiences.   The company can offer luxury items at competitive prices because the consumer dies not incur the cost of advertising and marketing campaigns.

This is the Ozeri Duo Salt and Pepper Mill and Grinder.

Ozeri Salt and Pepper Grinder
My kitchen is black and stainless, so it was a perfect fit for my home aesthetically.  In addition to being attractive, it has several appealing qualities.
  • The design is durable and also ecofriendly.
  • The internal gears are ceramic
  • Salt, pepper, and spices grind easily
  • Coarse or fine grinding is possible with simple adjustments
  • Clear chambers allow easy level monitoring
  • It is easy to add salt and pepper without spilling
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Suggested retail price $25 (Currently $12.95 on Amazon!)
  • Visit the Ozeri Facebook page and become a fan!
Ozeri Salt and Pepper Grinder
Open the box and find the unit packed in bubble wrap.  It is fully assembled and includes an instruction booklet.  The instructions are written and also shown in pictures.

It is fairly easy to set it up for use.

Ozeri Salt and PepperFirst disassemble the unit.  Take off the top and the bottom pieces and the plastic O-Ring.  The bottom piece has a slide cover that will turn to open.  This serves as a funnel to fill the grinder.  Open it and pop it onto the top.

Line it up so that the opening is over the side you want to fill and then pour in either coarse salt or peppercorns. (make sure your salt is coarse enough for grinding - regular salt will slide right through)

Once the unit is filled, take the funnel off and replace the O-Ring and the top piece.  Before replacing the bottom, turn the mill over and use the knobs to adjust the grind.  It did take a little bit of work to get this just right, but when I finally got it the way I wanted it I haven't had any problems.

The top of the unit has an S and a P and there is curved arrow between them it is like this <----> but curved.  This will indicate which way to turn the top knob in order to get salt, (to the right) or pepper. (to the left)
Ozeri Salt and Pepper Grinder
I like that this unit holds both salt and pepper, has a modern look, and it is great for table use.  I think one at each end of the table would work great for a large holiday dinner.

Bon Appetit!