Sunday, November 24, 2013

GE Reveal Light Bulbs - Like a Room Makeover! (High Value Coupon!) @GELighting

Try GE Lighting’s Reveal® Light Bulbs for a Quick and Easy Room Makeover!
GE Reveal header
Have you noticed that incandescent light bulbs are being phased out?  Legislation was passed in 2012 requiring lighting options to be more energy efficient - so, GE has been working on (and coming up with!) great innovations to lighting that can make our homes look beautiful and save us all some money in the long run.

During the month of December, GE wants everyone to try their new energy efficient Halogen and LED light bulbs so they are offering coupons that can be used toward reveal® bulbs. 

Here are some links so that you can get yours!
*Download GE reveal® Coupon - Enjoy $1 off any package of reveal® light bulbs.
Good to print through December 31, 2013 with a 45 day expiration
*Target Coupon - $2 off GE reveal® light bulbs
As I mentioned, reveal®  now offers Halogen and LED light bulbs.  I had the opportunity to try some halogen bulbs.

GE Reveal®
This was probably the easiest home makeover, ever!  The halogen light is very clean and it filters out dull yellows.  Colors are true and bright, nothing looks dingy.  The rooms with new bulbs all look so much better!

In addition to providing a more attractive atmosphere the bulbs are 28% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs.  That means a smaller electric bill - something we can all appreciate.

Check out some before and after photos: (before pictures are on the left, afters are on the right)

GE Reveal 1
Notice how in the "after" shots the same areas look cleaner and less yellowed.

GE Reveal 2
It is really the most noticeable in the next photo of my husband's office and music room.

GE Reveal 3
Here is a video put together by GE Lighting and some West Coast style experts.  GE chose a team of artists who require the best possible lighting for their work with food, fashion, makeup, and interior design and asked them to try reveal® bulbs..

The artists all agree that the GE reveal® bulbs fill space with bright, clean, and vibrant light.  It erases the yellow brown of incandescent lighting and the odd institutional glow of florescent bulbs.  Colors appear the way they are meant to look while black, white, and gray shades are more defined.

Like the Halogen bulbs, LED lighting also uses much less electricity than traditional incandescent lighting.  These bulbs also have a very long life span.  Switching is easy.  There is no need to replace your lamps or shades because the bulbs are the same size and shape as your traditional ones.

Please visit the GE Lighting website ( to find out more.  You can even use the "smart calculator" to show how much money you could save by switching bulbs.

Don't forget to download a coupon and get started on your new lighting makeover!