Friday, November 15, 2013

Give Little Ones the Gift of a Second Language With @LittlePim

Little Pim Fun with Languages

Let Little Pim Teach Your Little children New Languages!
  • Little Pim is a DVD based Language Learning System. 
  • Little Pim Uses The Entertainment Immersion Method® to Teach Kids 0-6 Years Old 
  • Colorful and Fun Images are Paired With New Words for Multisensory Learning 
  • Hear Words by Native Speakers and See the Spelling if Desired 
  • Choose Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Portuguese or English (ESL is available with English OR Spanish Subtitling) 
  • There are Many Different Packages Available to Suite Differing Needs and Budgets 
  • Quick Guide Pages For Parents are Included With DVDs 
  • Detailed Companion Guides, Tips, and Games are Available Through the Website 
  • Teacher Kits for Homeschool or Classroom Include a Key to Unlock Website Extras 
  • Winner of More Than Twenty Awards - Praised by Parents and Professionals
Research has shown that children are very receptive to learning a new language - even as newborns!  The Little Pim videos take advantage of this fact by using entertaining episodes with the cute Panda bear, young children, and bright scenes to introduce words and phrases.

Earlier this year I shared a review of a Little Pim Spanish DVD.  I was recently able to view Mandarin Chinese lessons.  These DVDs are very eye catching for young children and babies.  Even adults can appreciate the bright attractive scenes featuring happy children.  The word symbols, visual cues, and repetition will help to keep the information in your child's very receptive mind.

Here is a sample lesson.

The lessons are short.  They can be played one at a time or play them all through.  

The lessons are meant to be an interactive experience between parents and children.  The website has wonderful additional resources for parents and teachers.  There are companion guides which give overall advice for navigating the language you have chosen as well as DVD specific guides which feature the words that were introduced in the individual lessons.

Little Pim - Chinese
Using Little Pim regularly has been proven to increase the vocabulary in little children so the lessons incorporate about 60 words per DVD.  There are also bundled DVD sets and gift sets that include books, toys or CDs to continue the learning process through other sources.  There are even Little Pim apps that are available though the iTunes store or for V-Tech tablets.

If you are stuck for a gift idea for a little one this year, why not give the gift of language?