Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kill the Germs - Save Your Skin! Alcohol Free @CleanSmartHome Hand Sanitizer (With Give Away!)

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Cold and Flu season is officially upon us.  No matter where we go there is a chorus of coughs and sniffles in the background.  There are days when I get home and just want to dip myself and the boys in some bleach when I think about what we might have been exposed to in our travels.

I'm not huge worrywart about ordinary dirt, but I know from my years working as an RN that the best way to keep these particular germs from spreading is to keep my hands clean.  Unfortunately constant hand washing and alcohol based hand santizers dry out the skin - and cracked skin also leaves a person prone to infection.

This year I am carrying CleanSmart Hand Sanitizer.

CleanSmart Hand Sanitizer
CleanSmart Hand Sanitzer
  • Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer
  • Spray or Gel Formula
  • Light and Fast Drying
  • Kills 99.9% of Germs
  • Naturally Moisturizing
  • No Fragrance Added
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist and Pediatrician Approved
  • No BZK or Triclosan
  • 100% Kid Safe
  • Two Ounce Sizes - $2.00, Eight Ounce Sizes are $5.00
  • Visit the CleanSmart Website for More Information and Ordering
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I began using CleanSmart several weeks ago and I am happy to report that we have remained healthy.  This is good news because we do spend a lot of time out and about.  The added bonus is that my hands are soft and smooth despite the frequent application of the santizer.

CleanSmart Hand SanitizerI like the convenient 2 ounce purse sizes and the choice of gel or spray.  I also think that the spray is fantastic for questionable public surfaces.  It is the same consistency as water and it dries quickly.

Here you can see how easily a bottle will fit into a a purse, diaper bag, or briefcase.

Clean Smart SanitizerThis photo shows the spray bottle and how easily it slips easily into one of the inside pockets of my purse.  It will also tuck down into to one of the outer pockets for even easier access.

CleanSmart will be a constant companion for me this season.

CleanSmartThe CleanSmart company wants you to try their products, too.  Soon they will be in stores, and you can order from the website right now.  One of my readers will also win a 2 ounce gel and a 2 ounce spray!

If you would like to try your luck, I will be hosting this giveaway through Midnight December 1st.

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