Saturday, November 2, 2013

Make Your Own Tiffany Window Art Project With @SeeTheLightArt #MosaicReviews

See The Light LogoSee The Light is a DVD series of art classes and art projects with a Christian message.  Although they are created with homeschooling families in mind anyone can use them to learn about art and create lovely works of their own.  Bible stories and Christian beliefs are woven into the lessons adding a positive message and encouragement for the children.  Parents of older students may be interested to know that with a little bit of additional work the projects can be used for High School credit.

You can see the entire product lineup on the website - it includes elembtary art lessons, special editions that tell Bible stories, and a variety of special projects.  The DVDs can be purchased separately or as boxed sets.  There is also an option to subscribe for online lessons.  The classes cover different mediums and styles and range in price from $9.99 - $22.99.  (The more expensive classes include a black light) There are also gift sets that include art supplies, and boxed sets that combine classes to provide savings.

We had the opportunity to review one of the special project art classes - a marker drawing in the style of a Tiffany Window.

See the Light Tiffany WindowSee the Light Tiffany Window Project
  • A project in the Style of Louis Comfort Tiffany
  • Designed for Ages 10 and up       
  • Running Time: 102 Minutes (Four Lessons)
  • Lessons Include Art History and Examples
  • Learn About Shape, Line, Space, Color, Balance, composition, and Contrast
  • Purchase This DVD for $14.99 With Secure Checkout or PayPal
The Lessons were interesting, and included some history about the Tiffany family, how and why Louis Comfort Tiffany began making this type of art, some of his more famous pieces, and the process required to make real Tiffany style glass.  Our project was to be done on posterboard with magic markers, but the finished product is in the style of a Tiffany lamp or window.

The first step was to plan the projects.  The lesson suggests picking a silk flower as the subject, so I chose a stem of orange flowers like the one you see in the picture below.

See the Light Tiffany Window
Teacher Pat Knepley guides students through the process of sketching the flowers, stems, and leaves.   

In the second lesson the class teaches the rule of thirds that many artists use to create more appealing images.  The theory is that the blank canvas should be mentally divided into boxes using (imaginary) equally-spaced horizontal and vertical lines.  The important parts of the picture should be placed in areas where the lines cross.

See the Light Tiffany WindowStudents then finish their sketches in pencil and incorporate this theory if possible.  Background shapes are added in now.

The third lesson is about color.  The real beauty of Tiffany glass is the colors when the light shines through.  Students are taught some basic color theory and hints for how to blend color using markers.

See the Light Tiffany Window
Using some of the hints for coloring that were taught in the video students will color in their sketches and add the black marker outlines.

In the final segment the stained glass window effect is added.  Students are instructed to contrast warm and cool colors and how to plan their coloring so that they can create a balanced background without smudging.

See the Light Tiffany Window
The piece is completed by adding a black line around the edge.  My markers gave up a little toward the end so a few of these spaces need a little sprucing up but overall the project came out very nice.  We have already started some more of these using pictures that the boys have chosen, and we purchased better markers for this time around.

Mrs. Pat Knepley is a very encouraging teacher and I like the way she incorporates Scripture and Christian worldview into the lessons so easily and naturally.  You can see her great teaching style as she explains the series in this video.

Buy the entire See the Light Art Projects boxed set for $99.99 or choose from the individual lessons.

The series includes:
  • Repeated Sweets: In the Style of Wayne Thiebaud
  • Paper Jungle: In the Style of Henri Rousseau
  • Pointillism Fruit: In the Style of Georges Seurat
  • Poppy Collage: In the Style of Georgia O’Keefe
  • Dreams of Joseph: In the Style of Marc Chagall
  • Horsing Around: In the Style of Edward Degas
  • Peaceful Seas: In the Style of Winslow Homer
  • Sunflowers: In the Style of Vincent Van Gogh
There is also a cartooning DVD for people who like to doodle.

This is a review done for the Mosaics Review Team.