Saturday, November 16, 2013

@PullyPalz Keep Baby's Pacifier Nearby and Off the Ground

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Adorable PullyPalz toys are sanity savers for parents and developmentally beneficial for baby.  There are three styles of this plush animal toy that will hold most pacifier styles.  Pop a Paci into each side and then use the Velcro on the back to attach the toy to your baby carrier, bouncy seat, or stroller.

PullyPalz Plush Toy/Pacifier Holder
  • Invented by a Mother for Other Moms and Babies
  • Keeps Baby's Pacifier in Her View and Within Reach
  • Whimsical Designs Entertain While Providing Developmental Benefits
  • Stimulates Right/Left Brain Coordination
  • Stimulates Cause and Effect Recognition
  • Helps Develop Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Choose Puddles the Frog, MoMo The Monkey, or MooMoo the Cow
  • Suggested Retail Price:  $24.99
  • Order PullyPalz Online or Purchase at These Select Locations
If your baby likes a pacifier you probably spend a lot of time picking pacis up off the floor and washing them.  My kids were famous for spitting them right back out at me.

A very smart mother of two came up with a brilliant plan to stop the madness.  She designed adorable stuffed toys that can hold a pacifier in each of its hands.  The pacis are attached to a holder that is on the end of a string and the string runs from one hand, over the shoulders of the toy and down to its other hand.  The discarded pacifiers always remain within the child's reach and they never hit the floor.  The design is like the mittens that come on a string.

It is easy to use a PullyPalz. Toy  Push your pacifiers through the holders on each side.  Once they are securely in place, open the Velcro closure on the back of the animal and use it to attach the PullyPalz to your carrier, car seat, or stroller so that the pacis are within the reach of baby.

Pully Palz Setup
PullyPalz come in three designs.  We tried out MoMo the Monkey - but if you prefer there are Puddles the Frog and MooMoo the Cow as well.  You can check them all out in the photo below.

PullyPalzPullyPalz will make a great baby shower gift or a present for a little one.

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