Wednesday, November 6, 2013

@sweetriot is Raising the (Chocolate) Bar! Join the #riotgogo Before It's Over!

sweetriot 100 calorie snacks
Last week I wrote about the sweetriot company and their quest to crowdsource the funding for a new line of 100 calorie snacks.

The response has been good - but time is running out!  Through donations, sweetriot has raised over $13,000 toward the $50,000 goal.  Now with six days left in the campaign the incentives have been increased, and donors can earn double their rewards!

If you'd like to help sweetriot reach their goal jump over to the fundraising page and then share the word with friends.

Donors can gift any amount (starting at one dollar) but donations of $25 and higher earn rewards.

As I mentioned - sweetriot is raising the bar by giving donors what is called  a "one-up" reward.  Your donation amount will now earn the gift that is listed for the next highest gift amount.  For example, if I donate $25, I will get the $50 reward and if I donate $50, I will get the $100 reward, and so on all the way up the line.  Nice, right?  You could score a lot of chocolate this way.  Some to keep, and some to stick in stockings and give as hostess gifts this holiday season.

Visit sweetriot on the web at (where you will also find their webstore) or on Facebook. The Twitter account to follow is @sweetriot.

In six days, all the gifts go *poof!* so don't procrastinate and don't forget to tell all your fellow chocoholics!