Saturday, November 30, 2013

The @HoMedics Shiatsu Plus Vibrating Massage Pillow With Heat Offers a Deep Tissue Massage at Home

Shiatsu Massage Pillow
HoMedics Shiatsu Plus Vibrating Massage Pillow With Heat
  • Provides a Deep Tissue Shiatsu Type Massage
  • Add Heat and/or Vibration 
  • For Use on the Neck, Back, or Shoulders
  • The Massaging Parts are Covered With a Soft Quilted Pillow
  • The Pillow Conforms to the User's Body for the Best Massage
  • Use With the Comfort Flap for a More Gentle Massage
  • Control Buttons Located on a Side Flap
  • Order From the HoMedics Website ($49.99)
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Shiatsu Massage Pillow 2
The HoMedics Shiatsu Plus Vibrating Massage Pillow With Heat is my new constant companion.  I have lupus and fibromyalgia which are both rather painful.  I have found ways to live with the pain but there are some things that never go away.  Especially annoying are frequent headaches that can turn to migraines - and constant burning pain in my neck and shoulders. I once had a physical therapist tell me that it felt like she was trying to rub knots out of a piece of marble!

A few weeks ago I received a HoMedics Shiatsu Pillow and I have been using it several times a day ever since!  It really works on my problem area and provides some temporary pain relief.  It has also kept some of my headaches at bay before they could become debilitating.

I have definitely had a good experience with my pillow!  I love that I can use it in a chair or lying down.  I can also place it on my neck and shoulder area or my lower back.  The comfort flap allows me to choose the intensity and I have options for massage alone, massage with vibration, or just vibration.  Another control allows me to to decide if I would like to have a little bit of heat.

Some other nice features are auto shut off, and a soft quilted cover.  The photo that shows the inside view of the unit gives us a peek at the four nodes that provide the massage.  These turn around and knead into the sore spots.

The Shiatsu Plus Vibrating Massage Pillow With Heat is just one of the many great massage products from the HoMedics company.  You can see all of the products they offer by visiting their website.  (

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I'm adding this to the Holiday Gift Guide.  It is perfect choice for somebody who enjoys a good kneading massage.

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