Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The JamSplash Water Resistant BlueTooth Speaker Makes a Great Gift! @JamSpeaker

Jam Splash - BlueHMDX Jam Splash Shower Speaker and Speaker Phone
  • Water Resistant - Great for the Shower, Beach or Poolside
  • Transmit Music via BlueTooth Technology
  • Built-in Speakerphone and Microphone to Accept Calls
  • Charging Dongle and Shower Hang/Suction Caddy Included
  • Built in Lithium Ion Battery For up to 8 Hours of Wireless Play
  • Picks up Bluetooth Transmissions From up to 30 Feet Away
  • Available in Gray or in Blue Color 
  • Suggested Price is $79.99 (Free Shipping is Currently Available in the US)
  • See the Product Information Page on the HMDX Website
  • Find HMDX on Facebook and on Twitter (@JamSpeaker)
Jam Splash ContentsThe Jam Splash Shower Speaker and Speaker Phone comes with the speaker, instructions, charging dongle, shower caddy with three suction cups and a long string for hanging over the showerhead.

I can sync my JamSplash to a BlueTooth enabled device and then enjoy music or take phone calls anywhere within a 30 foot radius.  Because the speaker is water resistant my sons like to take it into the shower or to the pool.  I can use it in the kitchen or when I am doing my hair and makeup.

There are several benefits that I have enjoyed since using the JamSplash speakers.  First and foremost the sound is WAY better than through my phone or iPad.  I can also keep the expensive devices protected and not worry about water damage in the kitchen or anywhere there is a possibility of contact with water.  It also holds a charge for about eight hours and the built in battery is rechargeable.

The shower caddy/hanger slips off easily and there is a kickstand that flips out so that the JamSplash can stand up on a table, counter, or desk.

I am very happy with the JamSplash speaker.  It is easy to use - the large buttons for power, play/pause, forward and rewind are right in the front and made so that even wet hands can navigate easily.  The volume controls are located on the sides.  The microphone is built right in, so take your calls hands free without any adjustment.

The charging port is located on the bottom and has a protective closure to prevent water damage, but be sure not to submerge the JamSplash.  It is water resistant, not waterproof!

The JamSplash could be a fantastic Holiday Gift for the Music Lover on your list!  

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