Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The MIRA Bodyfat Scale is Accurate and Attractive @MiraBrands #fitness

Mira LogoThe MIRA Brands Inc. company is located in Pleasanton, California.  Consumers look to MIRA for modern and stylish lifestyle products for home, health, and fitness. The available scales and eco products are functional and attractive.

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I had the opportunity to review this sleek blue digital bodyfat scale:

Mira Bodyfat Scale 2MIRA Digital Bodyfat Scale  (Blue)
  • Slim Sleek Design Made of Tempered Glass With Steel Plates
  • Requires 4AAA Batteries (Included With Purchase)
  • Large Easy to Read Back-Lit Digital Display
  • Stores up to Eight User Profiles
  • Employs a Low Level Electrical Pulse to Determine Measurements
  • Measures in Pounds or Kilograms
  • Accurate Results for Weight, Bodyfat, Bone Weight, and Muscle Mass
  • This Scale has a 2 Year Warrantee
  • Manufacturer's List Price is $99 (Current Amazon Price is $34.99)
Most people I know are concerned with their body in some way. We either want to maintain a healthy figure, lose a little bit of extra padding, and some people even need to put on a little weight.  For me, part and parcel of the body image struggle is my love/hate relationship with the scale.

One of the reasons I dislike the traditional scale is that it only gives us one small piece of the picture.  If I lose fat but gain muscle the scale may not show any change at all which can be super discouraging.  This is why a bodyfat scale is a valuable tool in determining the success of a fitness plan.

The scale is easy to use and provides a wealth of information.  Just set up a profile and then step on.  No skinfold tests or weight/girth calculations. Using special sensors and mild electrical pulses (a technology called Bio-Impedance Analysis) the scale gets all the data through the soles of the user's bare feet.   (Although these are weak pulses and safe for most people, children, and anyone with a pacemaker or heart arrhythmia problems are advised not to use this scale.)

After setting up the MIRA Bodyfat Scale with my family members' profiles (gender, athletic status, age, and height) we could step on the scale, allow it to obtain readings, and within a minute we had our body fat and muscle percentages, the percentage of water, and a body mass index number - also referred to as BMI.

I also appreciate the large backlit digital display.  Here are what the readings look like.

MIRA Body Fat Scale
The total body weight remains on the display as the other information below changes.  In these photos 131.8 is the total body weight, and 51.7 percent of these pounds are muscle.  We also learned that bone accounts for 12 pounds, and 12.6 percent is body fat.  If there is a reading above normal range the scale will show the user a plus sign in the lower right corner.

There is also one more reading for TBW - total body water.

MIRA scale
You can see that the TBW here is 62.5 percent.  (Don't break your brain doing the math - in addition to obvious fluids there is water in muscle and fat tissue!)  What I love about this reading is that it gives me some confirmation that I am not imagining things when I feel bloated.  My total body water goes through some crazy fluctuations!

This measurement has also made me more conscious about what I am eating.  I had cold cuts and chips for lunch one day and Chinese food for dinner a few hours later.  I woke up the next morning and was simultaneously fascinated and disgusted at what the scale told me.

The scale is easy to set up using the instruction manual.  Turn it upside down and put in 4 AAA batteries. (included)  Check to make sure the scale is set to read your preference of pounds or kilos and then turn back to right side up.  Using the "set" function input the statistics for up to eight users and you will be good to go.  Use the scale on a relatively flat surface and remember to take off your socks - the scale will only show your weight if you are wearing anything on your feet.

Thanks to MIRA for the opportunity to try out this great scale!
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