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#BandFuse Rock Legends - Have Fun and Improve Your Rock Star Skills With This New Video Game

BandFuse Header
Band Fuse Rock Legends
  • Learn to Play Guitar or Bass
  • For Use With Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3
  • Developer - Realta Entertainment
  • Published by Mastiff Interactive
  • Distributed by Majesco Entertainment
  • Launched November 19, 2013 (USA)
  • Choose the Artist Pack, Band Pack, or the Guitar Center Exclusive Guitar Bundle
  • Rated "T"  Because of the Videos and Lyrics - Young Children Should Not Play
  • Suggested Retail Prices; Artist Pack $69.99, Band Pack $79.99, Guitar Bundle $179.99
  • Find BandFuse: Rock Legends on the web at, 
  • Like BandFuse on Facebook, Check Out the YouTube Channel, or Follow @BandFuse on Twitter 
BandFuse Rock Legends

In July I wrote a post about BandFuse: Rock Legends.  It hadn't been released yet, but my boys and I were able to spend some time with game developer Marcus Henderson while he explained the game, showed us a demo, and let my boys play a little bit.  We had a great time!  As the wife of a musician, I could appreciate the depth and substance of the game.

I was pretty anxious for the release date because I wanted to get a copy into my husband's hands.  He plays bass guitar and I thought he would have a great time with both the gaming and the practice aspects of BandFuse and I was correct.

As the promo shows, up to four people can play.  The game will accommodate two guitar players, a bass player, and a singer.  You will have to consider this when you decide which version to buy.

The Artist Pack includes the game and a single 1/4" guitar cable.  If you purchase the Xbox 360 game you will also get an audio adapter and a headphone extension cable to reduce lag in the audio playback which can occur on some television sets.

BandFuse adaptor
If you choose The Band Pack your purchase will include ONE  microphone ONE 4 port USB hub, TWO 1/4" guitar cables, and ONE acoustic guitar adapter.

You will also need real instruments.  You will be playing real guitars and following the actual tablature while the game plays the song and video.  This is not another game that will teach you how to push colored buttons on plastic guitars.  BandFuse has real tabs for real play and there are settings for everyone from beginner to expert.

Some of my favorite features:
  1. The ability to mix skill levels while playing.  Get group together and let each person play at their own difficulty setting.  
  2. Freestyle Mode which allows the player to noodle around and record it, just in case something good comes of it.
  3. The game allows the players to add amp and pedal effects like distortion, reverb and chorus.
  4. Shred U which is lets the player pick a song and practice it over and over.  It can be slowed down and parts of the song can be looped.  It is easy to pick out the part of the song to work on and spend as much time as necessary until it is mastered.
  5. Video instruction and interviews with real rock legends Slash, ZakkWylde, Bootsy Collins, Alexi Laiho and others.
  6. The game offers a wide variety of music to choose from, and more downlaodable content is scheduled to be released in January.
  7. Players can create a custom set list to practice.
After practicing in Shred U players can play career style in Tour Mode or choose Quick Play and choose the songs they like best.

In Tour Mode the player works his way up from opening act to Rock Legend - the way most of the real rock stars have had to do it.  Great game play and completed challenges earn money and fans, where the money earned can be used to purchase better venues and more tours.

Because the game features real world tablature even beginners can play simplified versions of the songs.  As they gain skill, they can try the next levels which will be slightly harder.  There are five levels of difficulty.

The game also challenges experienced players to play along note for note with the original artists.

Here is what it looked like when my husband chose a song from the Quick Play option.

BandFuse Harder to Breathe
When he completed the song he was given his stats.  Not bad for his first try.

BandFuse Harder to Breathe
The second attempt went a little better, and you can see his place on the leader board.

BandFuse Harder to Breathe
I would also like to show you a little bit of Shred U.

First pick the song and which part you would like to play.  This is Pearl Jam's "Alive".  Now that my husband has highlighted the section he would like to work on he can choose if he wants to practice note for note, at 60% speed, 75%, 90% , 100%, or 110%.

BandFuse Shred U
Here is another screen shot of practice options.

BandFuse Shred U
The on screen display when playing looks like this:

Band Fuse Tabs
This a taken during guitar play, and it shows what it meant by tablature.  The colors and numbers indicate which fret and which finger are used to achieve the proper note.  It can be a little tricky for anyone not used to reading tabs to play, so be aware that there is a learning curve if this is new to you.

To get all of the game details I would encourage you to visit the website.  There is a ton of information including the song lists, video demos, discussion boards, and even the full user manual.  

My husband has really enjoyed BandFuse for both the fun and the challenge.  This is a great pick up for the guitar or bass player on your Christmas list! 

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