Sunday, December 22, 2013

Express Yourself With Emoji Icons Bracelets and Phone Accessories @CollectEmojis #CollectEmojis

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Emoji Icons - A Hot New Trend for Boys and Girls
  • Black, Blue, Pink, or Magenta Bands Sold Separately and Come Five Interchangeable Emojis
  • Pink, White, or Black Phone Cases Sold Separately and IncludeTwelve Interchangeable Emojis 
  • Available for iPhone 4/4S and 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, and iPod Touch
  • Purchase Blind Foil Packs to Build a Collection - 7 Emojis per Pack
  • Purchase Yours at Target, Toys R Us, and Amazon (dot) com
  • Suggested Prices - Wristbands - $3.99 - Phone Cases - $7.99 - Foil Packs $2.99
  • Series One Includes Eighty Different Emojis to Collect, Share, or Trade
  • The Collect Emojis Website is
  • Connect With Emoji Icons on Facebook, Twitter, (@CollectEmojis) and Instagram (CollectEmojis)
Emoji Icons are a hot new trend for kids.  Based on the popular emojis that we use to communicate over the internet, these accsessories include little buttons with different symbols.  The buttons are interchangable and pop in and out of the the wristbands and cell phone cases.  Collectors can use them to communicate a mood or a message or just use them for a fun fashion statement.

Here is a video showing off some Emoji Icon style ideas.

Cute, right?  I like the way the stacked bracelets look.

I had the chance to share some Emoji Icon bracelets with some of my favorite young people yesterday.  I had five pink and five black bracelets and I allowed everyone to choose their preference.  It worked out surprisingly well - everyone got the color they wanted.

The kids had seen the commercials but none of them had any of their own Emoji Icon accessories yet.  They were excited that they would be some of the first of their friends to have them.  The opened them up, arranged their icons the way they liked, and then they put them on with the easy to snap closure.  You can see some of them being modeled in the photos above.

As an added bonus, they looked great with the other popular bracelets the kids were wearing.  Everyone liked them and is ready to grow their collection.

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If you are a last minute shopper and you have some young people left to shop for - pick up some Emoji Icons!   I love the affordable price point and the fun trendy nature of these accessories.

I will be sure to grab some of the series one foil packs the next time I am in Target or Toys R Us.  They come with 7 buttons each.

Here is what we found in our two packs.

emoji icons blind packs
The foil packages will make great stocking stuffers and a fun reward throughout the year.

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