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J.F.K. New World Order BluRay/DVD Combo - #Holiday Gift (with Give Away!)

JFK NewWorldOrder
J.F.K. New World Order
  • Released by Mill Creek Entertainment May 14,2013
  • Rated TV-PG 
  • Contains BluRay/DVD/ and Bonus Disc
  • Currently $14.98 on the Mill Creek Website
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Last week the country paused to reflect as we marked the passage of fifty years since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  Even after all of this time our country grieves this loss.  We continue to watch the footage of the 1963 news casts and documentaries with disbelief and profound sadness.

In May, Mill Creek Entertainment released an eight part documentary series that is a available as a BluRay and DVD combination package.  There is also a bonus disc that has the Kennedy/Nixon Debate, The Assassination of John F. Kennedy, The Funeral Servvices of John F. Kennedy, and a segment titled "Viertnam! Vietnam!" by John Ford.

As mentioned above there are eight separate segments and the bonus disc.  This is the content:
Program 1: Early Years
John F. Kennedy s life through his election as the 35th President of the United States.
Program 2: For All to See
The 1960 Presidential election and the many obstacles, including familial and religious, that Kennedy needed to overcome to win the United States Presidency.
Program 3: New Frontiers
The beginnings of John F. Kennedy s presidency.
Program 4: Doomsday Averted
The Bay of Pigs and The Cuban Missile Crisis, to his proudest achievements, the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
Program 5: A Wall of Words
The origins of Soviet-American tensions in the divided city of Berlin from the final days of World War II up through the time of John F. Kennedy s Presidency.
Program 6: War Within & Without Part 1
Civil Rights, from his record as a senator up though the transformation near the end of his life that would help inspire the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Program 7: War Within & Without Part 2
The events in Southeast Asia that eventually led to America s war in Vietnam.
Program 8: Camelot And Beyond
His health and private life, marriage and family, the myth of Camelot, and finally, his assassination and legacy.
All together it is a good compilation of material and the information we have about the life of our 35th President.  It will be especially useful for my sons who are just becoming more aware of out country's history.  The parts I have watched so far seem balanced and fair and I really like the bonus material, too.

If you know a history buff or a young person who would like to learn more about President Kennedy this could be a perfect stocking stuffer!

I'm very happy to share the opportunity to win a copy of this BluRay/DVD combination set with you.  Use the form below to enter and you might be the lucky winner.
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