Monday, December 16, 2013

Kaijudo #DuelMasters - Invasion Earth Expansion Cards Are in Stores Now

Invasion Earth Cards
Kaijudo - Invasion Earth Expansion Cards
  • Purchase a Choten's Army Competetive Deck ($11.99) or Foil Booster Packs ($3.50)
  • Competitive Pack Includes a Playmat, Quick Start Guide, 40 Card Deck, Booster Pack, and 3 Premium Cards
  • Booster Packs Have Nine Cards Plus a Code Card
  • Set Introduces Ninety New Cards Including Five Super Rares
  • Watch the Kaijudo Series on the Hub Network
  • Learn More About the Game by Visiting the Kaijudo
  • Interact on Social Media by Liking the Facebook Page or Following on Twitter
Invasion Earth graphic
Shortly after the release of Kaijudo Shattered Dimensions fans were surprised by a video from The Choten.  The video warned of an impending attack.  The video was a tease for the next expansion set, Invasion Earth.

The video was also a first glance at Seneschal, Choten's Lieutenant and at the time it was a bit of a gift for fans.

Now that the cards are available in stores players have ninety new game cards including five super rares.  Some of the new things for fans to enjoy with Invasion Earth include the new corrupted creatures and two new mechanics.

If you are not familiar with Kaijudo, it is an anime television series that airs on the Hub Network.  If you don't have cable, it can also be seen on Netflix and iTunes.

Serious Kaijudo players will want the Choten Army competitive deck which features an exclusive super rare Vicious Squillace Scourge.  There are also nine card foil booster packs available.  They should also check out the website for information about game play and tournaments.

These cards were released last month and would make a good gift or stocking stuffer.