Sunday, December 8, 2013

Looking For Easy and Healthy Meal Ideas? @HelloFresh Delivers! (With $20 Checkout Code!)

Hello Fresh HeaderHello Fresh - Take the Work Out of Meal Planning
  • Weekly subscription service delivers right to your door
  • Leave the meal planning, shopping, and organizing to Hello Fresh
  • Enjoy a wide variety of healthy meal choices 
  • Choose from Classic or Vegetarian boxes
  • Pause your subscription if needed
  • Gift Subscriptions are available
  • Classic Box for 2, $69 ($129 for a 4 serving box) 
  • Vegetarian Box for 2,$59 ($109 for a 4 serving box)
  • Save $20 on your first order with my code 7BBU7D
  • Visit the website to learn more and sign up
  • Like the Hello Fresh Facebook Page and Follow @HelloFresh on Twitter
Hello Fresh is a subscription service that will deliver the ingredients and recipes for three meals right to your door each week.

The service is easy to use.  First, go to the website to create an account.  You will be charged right away by PayPal or credit card so that they know they will be paid before assembling a box for you.  From that point forward, your account will be charged each Thursday before your next delivery.

Hello Fresh is delivered by FedEx and will always arrive on Wednesdays.  Because the box is well insulated and contains large ice packs you can relax and know your food will stay fresh even on an August afternoon.

Every week meal choices are posted.  For a Classic Box, the subscriber can choose the three suggested meals, or switch out for one of two substitution choices provided.  The Vegetarian Box has three meals with no substitutions.

I ordered my Classic Box and then waited for it to be delivered the following week.

My order showed up and all of my ingredients were cold, in perfect proportioned packages, and bundled neatly together in labeled bags making it easy to grab and go when I was ready to cook.

There were also recipe cards which had full color pictures to accompany the written instructions.  One side of the card informed me of all the tools and ingredients required as well as the nutrition information for the dish I would be preparing.  The opposite side had the step by step instructions from preheating to garnish.  I could see and read the proper techniques for the prep and cooking.

I really enjoyed this service and I will probably be using it again.  It solves a big problem for me.  One of my least favorite parts of parenting is meal planning.  My boys are thirteen and their appetites are almost insatiable. I have a hard time coming up with new ideas for foods that are filling and healthy.  For me, this was the greatest part about trying Hello Fresh.  Each recipe was wholesome, fresh food, and the tastes were interesting and not one of our ho hum reruns.

For example, I made this delicious Stuffed Acorn Squash with a Cherry Balsamic Reduction.

You can see the ingredients in their pre-measured packages on the left.  The finished product is on the right.

The cooked squash took on a bright shiny appearance and the cherry reduction looked (and tasted!) great over the rice and ground beef stuffing.  The recipe card led me through the process and the only ingredients not included were olive oil, salt, and pepper.

I also made this Apricot Glazed Turkey Breast with Beets and Orzo.

HelloFreshTurkey.jpgI left my edamame in the beets too long so they stained red and don't look as colorful as they should - but otherwise this dish came out great.   I can assure you that I would never have thought to put these ingredients together, but it was quite good!  The glaze combines apricot jam, vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, and sriracha.  It comes together nicely while the beets add color and texture.  It all sits atop the orzo pasta.

This Zucchini Parmigiana skips the breading and frying and puts a layer of panko breadcrumbs on top instead.
The freshly made sauce smelled so good while it was cooking that it brought everyone into the kitchen.  The healthy preparation was a nice change and the casserole style dish came out light but satisfying.  I will make this again, soon!

If you think that you would like to try Hello Fresh, feel free to use the code 7BBU7D.  This will get you $20 off of your first box.  It is not an affiliate code, but it will alert the company that you came to them by way of my post and they will credit my account $20 toward a future order.  This is not because I am special, this is a referral courtesy that they extend to all of their subscribers.

Keep in mind that this is a subscription service, so if you want to pause orders or cancel, do it in plenty of time so that your account is not charged.  Otherwise, enjoy your weekly deliveries.

I enjoyed spending less time meal planning and grocery shopping, There was almost no food waste at all, we tried some new things, and it was all convenient and easy.  Win/win/win/win.

I would also like to mention the customer service.  The company answered questions quickly by way of email, and I even received a personal follow up phone call (from a fellow who was not aware that I was doing a review) to see if I was satisfied with my order.  I guess they randomly choose some customers each week to follow up with - and I was very impressed by that personal touch.

Hello Fresh?  Yes, please!


I was able to try this service because I am a member of the Mosaic Reviews team.  Quite a few of us are trying out a box and we spread our reviews out over four weeks time. You will be seeing a lot of different recipes on the different blogs. Check out the link ups to this post.  Mosaic Reviews - Hello Fresh