Friday, December 20, 2013

Take Care of Dry Chapped Winter Skin With @UdderlySmooth Creams and Lotions

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Udderly Smooth Skin Lotions and Creams
  • A Family Owned and Operated Business
  • Works Well on Dry and Chapped Skin
  • Approved for Oncologic and Diabetic Skincare
  • Made in the USA
  • Created by a Pharmacist
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I can tell that winter is truly here by lookign at my skin.  Turning on the heat in the house and braving the cold and wind outdoors means my skin is dry and flaky and my hands and face are prone to chapping.

It was a happy day when these Udderly Smooth skin care products arrived!  

I have been an Udderly Smooth fan for several years now.  The products work very well for me, and they have a great variety to choose from.  The original formula was created by a pharmacist to heal the chapped udders of dairy cows.  An unintended but welcomed second outcome was that anyone who applied it to the cows reported soft, smooth hands!  Now there is a whole product line and Udderly Smooth has become a household name.

The packaging just got an update, but the creams and lotions are still made using the same formula.  You can see the jar of Body Cream($5.75), the jar of Foot Cream with Shea Butter ($6.50), and four ounce and a two ounce tube of Hand Lotion($2.75/$1.75).  I also got some samples and a coupon to share.

Udderly Smooth Products
The products have a light beachy scent.  It is very subtle and clean - it makes me think of summer days.  However, if you don't care for scented lotions, there is a Extra Care Cream which has no scent.

Udderly Smooth Body Cream2The creams are water based so they are never greasy or heavy on my skin.   The Foot Cream formula includes Shea Butter  so it has a little more to it.  It works great on my feet, and I also like to use it on my elbows and cuticles.  In fact, it works so well that it was voted Best in Beauty by Woman's Day Magazine in 2005.

There are several options when buying - jars, pump bottles, and tubes are all available.  I enjoy having an option for all of your needs whether I'd like a tube for my purse or a larger size to keep by the kitchen sink or in the bathroom.

Udderly Smooth is also reasonably priced making it a nice choice for a stocking stuffer.  Most grocery stores and pharmacies carry these products and it is also possible to order from online sources-  including the Udderly Smooth website that is linked above.

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