Monday, December 9, 2013

The Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow by @Zing_Toys - Shooting Fun for Girls #HolidayGift

z curve bowThe Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow by Zing Toys
  • Comes With a Sparkle-Infused Pink Bow; Two Zonic™ Whistle Arrows and One Zartz™ Suction Cup Arrow
  • The Long Range Whistle Arrows Can Travel Over 125 Feet 
  • Carry Spare Arrows on the Bow
  • Wide Loops for Easy Speed Loading
  • Soft Foam Tips for Safety and a Suction Tip That Sticks to Most Flat Surfaces
  • For Ages Eight and Up
  • Suggested Retail Price $29.99
  • Available From Your Favorite Toy Retailer
  • See All of The Zing Toys by Visiting Their Website
  • Zing Toys is on Facebook, Twitter, (@Zing_Toys) and YouTube
z curve bow 2
I am crazy about Zing Toys!  My boys have never tired of playing with the Zing products we have had for almost a year and a half - and I think that is an important quality in a toy - longevity. Until recently these toys have only come in red, orange or green - but now there is a line of Zing bows made in pretty pink, purple, and sparkles.  The young ladies absolutely love having their own bows to shoot and are happy to get out and run with the boys.

The Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow isn't just pretty.  The arrows really fly, and the soft foam whistle tips are fun, too.  When shot well they will travel up to 125 feet!

I know we are all looking for way to get the kids up and running around.  My boys are always so much happier when they've had some fresh air in their lungs.  Zing Toys are designed for this kind of play.  The children love to shoot the arrows and chase them down again.

z curve bow for girls
There is also an Air Huntress bow and an Air Huntress Zingshot that feature the same feminine colors.  If you have any young ladies ages eight and older on your list, this might make a great holiday gift choice.

Please be safety conscious.  This toy is not for children three and under, do not leave the toy in the sun or it will weaken the bungee cords, never aim at people, (especially the head or face) animals, or fragile items, maintain safe distances, and warn anyone in the vicinity before shooting.

Watch the WGN news team playing around with some Air Huntress bows during this news segment:

You can see how much fun these toys are.  What a great choice for your aspiring Katniss Everdeen or Princess Merida.

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