Saturday, December 14, 2013

The myCharge Hub 3000 - A Portable Charging Station for Phones and Electronic Devices @myChargePower

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The myCharge Hub 3000
  • Portable Power for Electronic Devices
  • Use Your myCharge Unit Anywhere
  • Many Devices do Not Require Cables or Connectors to Charge
  • Includes an Apple Lightning Cable, USB Cable, and USB Port
  • Sleek and Fashionable White and Silver Design
  • Protective Covers Keep Dirt and Moisture Out of Ports
  • Charge Up to Three Devices at One Time
  • Rechargeable 3000 mAh Battery Delivers up to 13 Hours of Talk Time
  • The Hub Units Recharge Using any Standard Wall Outlet
  • Visit the myCharge Website to See All of Their Portable Charging Products
  • You Can Also Find myCharge on Facebook and Twitter (@myChargePower)
  • Suggested Retail Price - $69.99  Click Here to Purchase
MyCharge Hub 3000
Do you take your phone, eReader, and/or Tablet everywhere you go?  Modern Americans are quite attached to our mobile devices, aren't we?  If you really love technology, you have probably experienced the pop up warning "You have less than 20% of your battery power remaining!"  Have you ever tried to mentally calculate if you had enough power to take that call, keep listening to your music, or play that app before you made it home or to your car to recharge?

If this sounds familiar, the myCharge company has you covered.  They offer a variety of portable charging solutions, and I was able to try one of the Hub Series - The myCharge Hub 3000.  This is the smallest and sleekest of the three Hub models.  It is the perfect size for a purse or backpack, and it is not heavy.   It could also fit into a pocket.

The myCharge Hub 3000 comes with a USB power cord which can be used to charge the unit from a computer or a plug with a USB slot.  An instruction booklet and a quick start guide were also included.

There is an LED indicator light on the charger.  When it is green (as you see in the photo above) it means it has a good charge.  It came pre-charged and as I used it, the color changed.  A yellow light indicates that it is holding between seventy and forty-one percent of its battery capacity.  A fully red informs me that I only have between eleven and forty percent, and a half lit red light means I have ten percent or less.  The manufacturer suggests that the unit not be allowed to get to zero capacity, and that it be fully charged at least once every three months, even if it is not in use.

You can also see the various ports and cables and there is also the USB port for phones, cameras, thirty pin Apple products, or other items with unique charging ports.  All of the Hub models have these convenient built in cords so that users can charge several devices at one time.

I love that ours will accommodate all of our Apple Devices, (iPods, iPads, iPod Touch units and Nanos) our Kindle, the boys' Nintendo DS games, and even my husbands Blackberry.

It is a great item for travelling.  I took my iPhone off to snap this picture, but you can see that in the photo below that I was also charging my Jam Splash speaker and an older iPod Touch that has some music on it.  We were ready for hours of entertainment even though we were not at home.  (Also keep in mind that if you plan to charge more than one deice of the same type, you will need the USB power cord.)

The myCharge Hub 3000 will also be handy when we have bad weather.  When we have power outages, we usually have to go outside and charge our devices using the car chargers.   Now have another option.

I am really going to like this when I am at blogger events.  They are all in New York City which means I take the train in.  While I am there I take a lot of photos and send tweets with my phone, so by the time I am on the (boring) train heading home I have a very low battery.  If I use my Hub 3000 to recharge while I am in transit back to Grand Central Station, I will have a well charged iPhone when I sit down for the ride home.

I really do love this little but amazing device and I am definitely going to get a lot of use out of it!

This could be a great Christmas gift for the technology lover on your list.

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