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LifeOnRecord - A Meaningful Keepsake Gift That Will Surely be Cherished! @LifeOnRecord

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Life on Record Logo
LifeOnRecord Keepsake Recordings
  • A Unique and Personal Gift Idea That Will Surely be Cherished!
  • Friends and Family Can Call in and Leave Personal Greetings
  • The Account Creator Will Then Arrange The Messages
  • When The Recordings are Organized to Satisfaction, Order the Keepsake CD
  • CD Will Arrive in a Protective Metal Case With a Hinged Door and Display Window
  • There Are no Limits on Time or Number of Recordings
  • Callers Can Record Their Greetings in Private, Then Listen to and Approve Them
  • Current Price - $49.99 For One Event and Unlimited Downloadable Messages
  • A Keepsake CD of the Recordings is an Additional $24.99, (Additional Copies are Extra)
  • Learn More by Visiting the Website at
  • Find Life on Record on Facebook or Follow on Twitter (@LifeOnRecord)
My mother's birthday is on Christmas Day.  As you can probably imagine, it is a rough day to have a birthday and the celebrant often gets overlooked in all the excitement of the holiday.  Also, because of the hustle and bustle of the season, it is a difficult time to gather friends and relatives.  It seems that everyone has their own Christmas related obligations.

This year was a milestone birthday - mom turned 70!  My siblings and I wracked our brains trying to come up with a special way to mark the occasion.  When I learned about LifeOnRecord, I knew it would be the perfect gift!

Here is a short video that explains how LifeOnRecord works:

I was very happy with how simple it was to use the LifeOnRecord Service.  They realize that sometimes it might be a little bit difficult to get started so they provide a lot of support and guidance.  because I was the organizer they sent me a very detailed set of instructions which guided me through the process of setting up an account.  They even included scripts that could be used if I was at a loss for words.

The first step was to call in and create an introductory greeting.  This is done so that anyone who called to leave a message would get their instructions from me, personally - a very nice touch!  This greeting helps well wishers to get started and it can also be a part of the finished CD.

Next I composed an email with step by step instructions for calling the toll free number and leaving a personal message and I sent it out to friends and family.  I also invited them to forward it on to others who they thought might like to participate. The email included links to the LifeOnRecord website allowing them to see what the finished product would be, read some frequently asked questions and answers, and get some tips on how to leave a recording that they would be happy with.  This information can be shared in whatever way the organizer chooses - for example, I could have set up a private facebook page, made phone calls, or sent flyers by mail.  I thought email would be best because I could include hyperlinks and it would be easy to forward.

As the email was shared, the number of greetings began to grow.  It was fun to watch the list forming.  I would log into my account and see a list similar to this one.

Life on Record Recording Log
Now I had the ability to listen to each one and then arrange them into groups.  This isn't necessary, but I chose to go with groupings so that my mother would be able to listen to her siblings, kids, tennis friends, fellow quilters, etc, if she wanted to hear a few greetings but didn't have time to listen to the whole CD.

Another nice feature was the ability to download the files right to my own computer or to have them sent podcast style to my iTunes account.  This came in very handy because we did have some stragglers who missed the deadline.

For that reason, I think that one of the best bits of advice for setting up the account is to keep the time limit for calling in short.  It motivates procrastinators and it gives the organizer some time to include the ones who call in late and still have their final project in time for the event.  I did this, and even when I waited more than a week past the "final" date, I still had a couple of messages that did not make it on to the final CD.  These are the ones that I downloaded and emailed them to my mother separately.

The download ability is also a handy feature for the budget conscious.  The service does not require that you purchase the keepsake CD.  If you would like to go with digital files only, you are welcomed to to that and you can create your own discs.  You can pay one price and accumulate an unlimited number of recordings in the time frame specified.

Life on Record - Events
If you decide to purchase the CD (or multiple CDs) these are available for an additional charge.  The account manager will design the disc by choosing a color and the text to be displayed.  The user can also add a song or a sound file from their own computer to the final project if they wish.

Life on Record - Additional Options

I choose green because it is my mother's favorite color. I was very happy with the finished product.  It came in the metal case you see in the photo below and it is NOT a stick on label.  The personalized message is made with a lovely glossy finish.  The CD is smooth and durable and it should last a long time.

LifeOnRecord Keepsake CD

We weren't sure how to present the gift to my mother, so we waited until after Christmas Eve dinner when the excitement had died down and we were all relaxing.  My sister put it into the CD player without anyone noticing and suddenly my mom could hear her brother wishing her a happy birthday.  She looked around wondering where the sound was coming from. Then came another message from her other brother, and then my aunt.  She was surprised and happy when we paused the CD to explain to her that she had many more greetings just like these to enjoy at her leisure.

LifeOnRecord Keepsake CD
It was probably good that we had finished dinner, desserts, and gift giving,because she practically pushed us out the door so she could listen to the rest of the CD.

I was anxious to hear her reaction when she was finished listening.  I had already heard it in its entirety and I was thrilled with how it came out.  There was a fantastic mix of funny, sentimental, touching, and kind words.  I knew that she would laugh and cry as she listened.  The next morning she called with high praise for LifeOnRecord.  She had also called some of the well wishers and so many of them loved the idea and told her that they are planning to create their own LifeOnRecord CDs for upcoming occasions.

As I put this project together it was not lost on me that we should do this more often.  It is a pity that most people only get showered with this kind of love and reminiscence at their wake!  Surely it is a better idea to tell people how much we appreciate them while they are still here.

LifeOnRecord also offers the ability to call in and create an audio journal for any period of time between one month or three years.  This is an easy way to chronicle a pregnancy and the early years with a new baby, or perhaps one's thoughts and reflections while we going through a wedding engagement, an illness, a cross country adventure, etc.

There is also a wedding package which allows the wedding guests to leave audio messages of love, advice and best wishes to the newlyweds.

To learn more about LifeOnRecord visit the website that is linked in the bullet points above.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.