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Mother's Book of Home Economics a Book by Mrs. Sharon White (With Give Away!) @TheLegacyofHome

Mother's Book of Home EconomicsMother's Book of Home Economics
Remembrances, Letters, and Essays From a New England Housewife
  • A Book by Mrs. Sharon White
  • 121 Short Chapters of Advice and Wisdom for Christian Housewives
  • Paperback Edition - 312 Pages
  • Released by Legacy of Home Publishing , November 1, 2013
  • Available From Amazon $16.99 (Current Price $14.02)
  • Read Mrs White's Blog, The Legacy of Home
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Mrs. Sharon White is a devout Christian homemaker and mother.  She has been married for more than twenty-five years, has raised and homeschooled five children, and is now she is a proud grandmother, too.  Since 2009 Mrs. White has been sharing some of her life experience as an encouragement to mothers and housewives by way of her blog, The Legacy of Home.  

In Mother's Book of Home Economics, the reader will find some of her best loved posts.

When I think of Home Economics my mind drifts back to my school days when the dear Home Ec teachers would try to teach us how to sew simple projects or cook a decent meal.  Mrs. White offers us wisdom regarding a different type of home economics and her gentle and practical Christian wisdom comes across like a soothing salve.  For example, there is advice on how to keep house when there are little ones underfoot, how to stretch a budget, and ways to remind our spouses that we love and care for them.  She also shares her thoughts on etiquette, thrift, child rearing and other useful topics.  

All of this advice and wisdom is shared in a sweet conversational manner through chapters that include personal accounts and anecdotes.  I find that this writing style makes it easy and enjoyable to read.  I especially appreciate the gentle reminders of the simple joys - like adding a small bouquet to a room to brighten it, the importance of freshening up a little bit or the smiles that come from seemingly small kindnesses.  (Toward ourselves as well as others!)

In the back of the book there is an index which will help readers to find entries pertaining to specific needs.  She has broken the categories into Child Care, Cleaning, Etiquette, Finances, Holiness, Homemaking, Hospitality, Kitchen, and Marriage.

The book will be enjoyed by women who enjoy staying home and tending to the house and family.  The newer and less experienced home maker may enjoy the mentoring while the more experienced could feel a sense of solidarity.  The writings are like an invitation into the parlour of the 1800's farmhouse in rural Vermont where Mrs.White and her family live.  The cover photo even gives us a glimpse inside her home.

Would you like to read Mrs. White's latest book?  She has graciously offered me the opportunity to host a giveaway for a copy.  Use the form below if you would like a chance to win!
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