Monday, February 3, 2014

Kwizniac - Countdown #Trivia Fun for All Ages! @Kwizniac

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 Kwizniac - How's Your Brain Working Today?
  • A Trivia Game For Ages 12 and Up
  • Each Game Contains 200 Boxed Question Cards
  • Each Card Has Ten Clues
  • Earn Points Based on the Number of Clues Required to Guess
  • Set a Goal for Scoring and the First to Reach the Goal Wins!
  • Available in the Original Edition or the Sequel, Kwizniac 2
  • There is Also a Kids Version with Five Clues and Easier Answers
  • Purchase the Kwizniac App for Portable iOs Fun
  • Purchase Any Version From the Website
  • Kwizniac and Kwizniac2 - Suggested Retail Price $19.99
  • The Suggested Price for Kwizniac Kids is $12.99
  • Buy the App for Only 99 Cents
  • Interact With Kwizniac On Facebook and @Kwizniac on Twitter
Kwizniac Editions
Kwizniac is a fun trivia game that provides exercise for the brain and fun for the family.  Would you like to play?

I will give ten clues, see how many you need to guess the answer.
10. Thousands of people visit it daily.
 9. It was restored on its 100th birthday in 1986.
 8. Between 1986 and 2000 it was displayed in the licence plates issued in New York State.
 7. Entrance is free.
 6.  A broken chain lies at the foot of it.
 5. Ferry transportation is needed to get there.
 4. It was designated a National Monument in 1924.
 3. It is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy.
 2. It was a gift of friendship given by the people of France to the people of the United States
 1. It holds a torch
How many clues did you need before you guessed the Statue of Liberty?  Whichever clue it was is how many points you would have received for this round of play.

It is easy, and it is educational!  Some of the answers are tougher and they range from popular figures to household items.  I liked that there are some interesting facts included in the clues - so even if I knew an answer, reading the clues taught me some new things.

I was sent a copy of Kwizniac 2.  Like the first version of the game, there are 200 game cards to play with.  We have had fun playing in an organized fashion and also just reading the cards off to each other for fun.

My thirteen year old sons have stolen the box away to their room and have spent a few afternoons quizzing each other and we have also passed the box around after dinner, but the most fun is dividing up into groups and playing as teams.

Here are some more sample cards:

Kwizniac Cards
As you can see, the topic variety is good, and the early clues are quite challenging.  the last five clues get considerably easier, and there were only a few that produced a zero point result.

It is suggested that there only be ten seconds allowed between clues for opponents to guess.  This keeps the game moving, and motivates players to think fast.  The time crunch also causes some people to shout out some hilarious answers.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Ipod touch, there is a Kwizniac App available from the iTunes store.

Kwizniac App
Although the box is easily portable, the app allows players to have the game with them all the time.

The children's version of the game has five clues and much easier answers.  It is suggested for children ages 7-12.

If you like trivia you will probably enjoy Kwizniac - don't forget to visit the website and give it a try for yourself!