Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pick Up Ender's Game on DVD or BluRay 2/11/14 (With Give Away) #EndersGame

Ender's Game DVD
Ender's Game - On DVD and BluRay Next Week!
  • Starring Harrison Ford, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin, and Ben Kingsley
  • Written by Gavin Hood with Orson Scott Card - Directed by Gavin Hood
  • Due for Release on February 11, 2014 From Summit Inc/Lionsgate 
  • Sci-Fi Genre - Rated PG-13 for Some Violence, Sci-Fi Action, and Thematic Material
  • English Language - Single Disc DVD and Two Disc BluRay
  • 114 Minutes of Movie Running Time Plus Special Features
  • Based on the Science Fiction Novel Series of the Same Name
  • Suggested Prices - BluRay Combo - $39.99 - DVD $29.99
  • Available for Pre-Order Now at Your Favorite Online Retailers
Ender's Game is a movie based on a science fiction book series by the same title.  For those who have already read the books, please note that this is only an adaptation.  The author, Orson Scott Card, was involved in the process but purists will notice some differences.  That said, I think the movie will pique the interest of young fans and get them reading the books which (to me) seems like a good thing!

For everyone else let me set the stage for you.  The story takes place in the future at a time after an alien species had come to the Earth.  Millions of people were killed as "Formics" tried to colonize the planet.  In the years following the event, young people grow up to idolize Mazer Rackham, the hero who thwarted the invasion.  They also grow up in fear that the Formics will return stronger.  Because of this, most hope to be invited to join the earth's military that is stationed and ready to defend the earth.  

The fleet is chosen by a team that observes the young people as they interact with peers, play video games that simulate battle or test logic, and what they do when when they are placed in pressure situations.  There is a lot of hope placed in Ender Wiggin.  He seems to have the wit, the composure, the logical mind, and many of the other characteristics of a great commander.

There are several key elements running through the plot.  There is some drama, suspense, science fiction, and action.  If you like CGI there are scenes where things get blown up in space, too.

Here is the trailer.  You can see that there is an excellent cast, and the actors do a fine job.

I don't want to give away the story, but I will tell you that my sons enjoyed the show.  It gave us a lot to talk about.  We discussed family relationships, and how our interactions with each other are so important.  There is also some bullying and manipulation and on a couple of occasions a clear contrast between meaningless violence and self defense is shown. These are great topics for teens.

Slightly more difficult topics included government surveillance and a lack of privacy as well as right versus wrong, and are we at fault if we don't have all of the information?  We also had an opportunity to talk about the difference between saying we are sorry and making true amends.

Special Features on the DVD include deleted and extended scenes with optional audio commentary as well as audio commentary with the director or the producers of the movie.  The BluRay edition has these features as well as  “Ender’s World: The Making of Ender’s Game” and “Inside the Mind Game” - a Special Effects featurette.  Both the DVD and BluRay include a digital copy of the movie.

As with most movies, there are things that need to be overlooked in order to enjoy the experience.  There are simply too many concepts to develop in the space of two hours. I think the primary target for this film would be teens and young adults.

I am glad for the opportunity to offer a copy of Ender's Game to one lucky reader.  If you would like to try your luck in this giveaway please use the form below.  
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